December 27, 2010

The Big White Blanket of 2010

Just took this one early in the morning before the sleepy people came out to start shoveling!!! All the cars on my street are buried in because there's like 4 feet of snow and the garbage truck didn't come around to shovel the road. It's almost 5 now and the road is still like that.

It looks like a beautiful sea of snow frozen in time but the aftermath of shoveling is not so beautiful. ARGHHH~ aching arms and legs!

For the first time, I can walk in the streets without worrying about a car crashing into me...cuz they can't...hahahaha!

New York City has snow mountains! This mountain is way bigger than last year's mountain. It'll take two or three weeks for this mountain to melt completely~! Brrrrr~ colddd

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