November 09, 2010


If you're an Autumn's Concerto fan, click the link for a present! =D

You WONT be disappointed, I guarantee it!

And while you're at it, sign up for weibo and follow Van Ness and Ady~ hehehe

If you don't know how, I'll post up a weibo tutorial probably this week or so. Stay tune~

Oh what an awesome day! Thanks Ady and Van Ness!


  1. wub weibo have eng page too or d site is completely chinese?.......coz i love autumns concentro like anything i wanna follow vanness blog but i dunno chinese!

  2. nope. no english. all chinese~ if you really want to follow van ness, you should follow his twitter. but if you join his weibo, he types in english too sometimes.

  3. thnx for replying..........i guess i wudnt join weibo then.......n i m already following his twitter since a year or so after i saw AC..........but neways thnx!,,,, :D