November 19, 2010

Courageous Ady's Newest MV

Ady An: Van ness' cute childhood picture actually broke 10,000 in comments and reposts! I...I'm a person of my words, and before I newest MV~ gave it everything!

Esther Liu: Sis~ your lip syncing way makes you look like an old artist! head shaking~~(runs~~)

Ady An: I'm just playing around filming myself! It takes courage to put it up on Weibo~

Hahahahahahaaaa! Oh my gosh~ this is sooo funny!!! I don't even know how many times I watched that clip already, but everytime I watch it, I end up laughing like there's no tomorrow! Hahahahaa! It's the Liang Mu Cheng version of "Wo Ai Ta"~~~~ YAAAAAAAA!

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