November 15, 2010

The Best Monday Morning

Hahahaha! What a great way to start with the day with this awesome picture! In fact, it's so awesome, I wrote a short poem. Hahaha! No, actually I wrote two poems: the first one I realized had nothing to do with the picture so I made another one. I put both up. Enjoy~

I'm Late
By: Celsius

Oh Sheet, I'm late to meet my date!
Why did I sleep so late?
Hop on bike, move my legs, it's time to go!
Oi, a chasing guy, shall I turn and say hello?

Oh Sheet
By: Celsius

Oh Sheet! I'm late to see my date!
Couldn't wake up on time, it must be fate!
Oh Sheet! I'm hungry and haven't ate!
Must order some dumplings to go on a plate!
Oh sheet! It's raining, what's up with you, fate!
I guess we'll be having a rain date.


  1. so happy to see this pic..bdw do u follow ady n van ness' weibo..they're
    sending msgs to each other now..and she lipsynch wo ai ta for van ness..waaaahh i'm so happy now!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA! Yes, i do. I saw that video, hilarioussss! i wish there was a way to put tudou videos on blogger.