November 19, 2010

Courageous Ady's Newest MV

Ady An: Van ness' cute childhood picture actually broke 10,000 in comments and reposts! I...I'm a person of my words, and before I newest MV~ gave it everything!

Esther Liu: Sis~ your lip syncing way makes you look like an old artist! head shaking~~(runs~~)

Ady An: I'm just playing around filming myself! It takes courage to put it up on Weibo~

Hahahahahahaaaa! Oh my gosh~ this is sooo funny!!! I don't even know how many times I watched that clip already, but everytime I watch it, I end up laughing like there's no tomorrow! Hahahahaa! It's the Liang Mu Cheng version of "Wo Ai Ta"~~~~ YAAAAAAAA!

November 18, 2010

Aaron Yan to throw birthday concert, rumored to pull a Hebe and go solo

Written by: Pauli on 11/18/2010 @
Source: Apply Daily

With Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan's birthday fast approaching this Saturday, the youngest member of Taiwan's popular boy band plans to hold a birthday concert at music venue hot spot The Wall in Taipei tomorrow night. Aaron especially took the time to learn a special song in the Taiwanese language to sing to his mother, in which he practiced for half a day. Aaron's senior Hebe of S.H.E also had a birthday concert back in late March, and she eventually released her own solo album half a year later.

Rumored plans for going solo and releasing mini-album

Insiders are saying that Aaron is making plans to go solo for his own mini-album, where a reporter for Apple Daily questioned the Fahrenheit member if he was the best singer in the group. The highly modest Aaron shyly laughed and said, "I really want to respond, but I'm sorry." Not much details are known about Aaron's solo plans, but his recent contract renewal confirms that his options allow for such a move.

Hahahaha! Funny article title! Guess we'll have to wait 6 months to see if he'll really pull off a Hebe...

Ady An thanks fans with childhood photo

Source: Nownews, images from Ady An's blog, Van Ness Wu's blog
Written by: PA on 11/17/2010 @

This chubby kid is obviously not her... Ady An’s blog recently attracted a lot of attention after two of her famous friends dominated the headlines. Her micro-blog has already exceeded one million followers, and to celebrate this milestone, she uploaded a childhood photo of another star – Van Ness Wu!

The picture looks just like the ones we have all taken in elementary school. Some of us would rather not see them again in our lifetime, but the confident Van Ness Wu probably doesn’t have this problem. His facial features look about the same as they do now. Many fans even thought his round face looked super cute.

Ady An revealed in her message that she received a iPhone 4 for her birthday in September. As she was about to switch phones, she noticed her micro-blog followers have exceeded a million. The actress said she hopes to expand her interactions with fans and friends, in addition to sharing tidbits about her life. She wrote, “To thank everyone for their support, (I’m) especially sharing this precious photo! This photo ~ has been approved by its owner! That is too brave, my friend.”

The legacy of Autumn's Concerto continues on Weibo. Geeeeeee~ Mu Cheng and Guang Xi have been bombarding us with sooo muchhh AC loveeeeee! This has been the best post-AC week since the show ended in Feb. Oh and if you haven't followed Ady and Van Ness on weibo...what are you waiting forrrr...go go go!!!!

November 15, 2010

The Best Monday Morning

Hahahaha! What a great way to start with the day with this awesome picture! In fact, it's so awesome, I wrote a short poem. Hahaha! No, actually I wrote two poems: the first one I realized had nothing to do with the picture so I made another one. I put both up. Enjoy~

I'm Late
By: Celsius

Oh Sheet, I'm late to meet my date!
Why did I sleep so late?
Hop on bike, move my legs, it's time to go!
Oi, a chasing guy, shall I turn and say hello?

Oh Sheet
By: Celsius

Oh Sheet! I'm late to see my date!
Couldn't wake up on time, it must be fate!
Oh Sheet! I'm hungry and haven't ate!
Must order some dumplings to go on a plate!
Oh sheet! It's raining, what's up with you, fate!
I guess we'll be having a rain date.

November 13, 2010

Love Buffet Finally Airing in December

Just saw on Arron's Weibo~ Love Buffet is scheduled to air on December 19!!! That's like in 5 weeks! Awesomee!

One day...

One day I will wake up and have breakfast by the Jimmy.

November 11, 2010

Sina Weibo Tutorial

An email has been sent! Hurry, go check your email!

Click link to activate your account

You'll be bought to this page. Put in the email address you registered with and your password then click blue button.

There's a lot of info on this page, take your time.

Uncheck the box so you don't have to follow the default suggested people. Click the link circle in red on the right.

Start posting now! To search for an artist, place his/her CHINESE name into the searchbox and press enter twice.
Click the green button to follow. A pop up will come up asking if you want to put this person under a group, just close that popup.


Director Chen Hui Ling @ Ady An: Baby Xuan Xuan, I'm coming...tonight is most blessed
Ady An: That night's gathering allows people to travel back to the stop that was happiness

Ady An: Happiness Iron Triangle

Ady An: Director Hui Ling ordered us on the spot to recreate Guang Xi and Mu Cheng's last photo at the photoshop~
Van Ness: Hahahahaa! Can't believe so many people replied! This classic POSE. Next Stop Happiness Forever a Family.

Ady An @ Director Chen Hui Ling: Little cute director~ Mu Cheng and Guang Xi are in the wrong position!!! Let's find a time to take another one

Van Ness: Today I saw Xiao Le~ he shouted "Guang Xi Ba Ba"! So cute!

I'm so happy, a few tear drops have fell. This is like a dream come true, an Autumn's Concerto reunion. Even though it's been a year and a few weeks since AC first showed up on tv, that AC feeling is still going strong, it's like AC never stopped going off air. Thank you, guys n gals, for giving us something this wonderful. Next happiness, always! =D

November 09, 2010


If you're an Autumn's Concerto fan, click the link for a present! =D

You WONT be disappointed, I guarantee it!

And while you're at it, sign up for weibo and follow Van Ness and Ady~ hehehe

If you don't know how, I'll post up a weibo tutorial probably this week or so. Stay tune~

Oh what an awesome day! Thanks Ady and Van Ness!

November 08, 2010

November 02, 2010




SELINA~輕輕甩著長頭髮 飄來一陣陣花香
SELINA~粉紅色來形容她 嬌豔眼玫瑰也只為她芬芳

會痛嗎 那一下下我的心都碎啦
你斗大的淚珠 不停的落下

心疼嗎 愛你的人 心當然會疼阿
公主SELINA 你受了點傷 你還是我的公主啊~

SELINA~輕輕甩著長頭髮 飄來一陣陣花香
SELINA~粉紅色來形容她 嬌豔玫瑰也只為她芬芳

November 01, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 4 Summary

While, Guang Xi goes after Xiao Ah Yee, our Flower Boy goes after the stolen video.

Zhang Ai Li. Getting the video from her is a piece of cake.

All Flower Boy had to do was set up a save-damsel-in-distress sort of trap.

He "saves" her from a trip to the police station.

In return, she brings him home for some fling and he is quite happy as everything is working in his favor.

Hey you, whatever you hear, don't come up and bother me! She shouts to a house maid. Little did she know, she just dug a hole for herself.

Playing along, he brings her to her bed...and

And ties her hands up, real tight. She's like, "Oh, so you wanna play
that way". He grins back at her...

"I think you misunderstood" HAHAHAA!

He runs to her laptop and tries to open it but it's password protected. That's probably the only smart thing she's done in the whole show so far.

She screams for the house maid to come and rescue her but the house maid, remembering her earlier order to not disturb her, ignores her cries.

Time is ticking and since she won't reveal her password, the only thing he can do is bring the laptop to his sidekick, Bing Jai also a computer expert, and hope that he can crack it.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ah Yee is reading Mu Cheng's letter.
"Xiao Ah Yee, I am only left with this method to communicate with you. Please finish reading this letter."

"After leaving, I wasn't angry at you, I didn't hate you, I didn't blame you for misunderstanding me. I'm only mad at myself because I have a lot of things to say and it was only till separation did I regret it. Why have I never said these words."

"The mother who gave birth to me left too early. To me, mother is just a word. And the person that Dad points to in a photo is called mother, but I have no memory at all."

"I remember in elementary school, you participated in the family games with me. I accidentally fell and caused us to lose. Although you kept yelling at me, you tenderly treated the wound on my knee, scared that it will a scar."

"In junior high school, I was responsible for the graduation speech. You said that you have to look after the store and have no time, but I saw you, you even forgot to take off your apron and gloves and rushed over to see me. And then you silently cry in the corner. It was you who taught what to look out for when I grew older."

"It was you who taught me sewing. Every time when it's time to take in the blankets, we would put the blankets into the blanket covers together. Both of us grabbing two corners. But now I'm not by your side. I can't stuff blankets with you anymore... I'm sorry for letting you be so angry. I'm Sorry, Mom."

What a touching letter!!! Too bad Xiao Ah Yee still wants to live in her world of lies and refuses to look for Mu Cheng. She wants to stuff the blanket in the opening on the head of the bed but there's too much stuff so she starts taking things out...and she comes upon a yellow envelope...

full of pictures of Mu Cheng! Some photos were focused on the legs...

She finally sees the truth and cries out loud! For not believing Mu Cheng, for choosing to believe the scumbag(Ah Cai), for refusing to believe the truth for so many years...

Meanwhile, Guang Xi sends Mu Cheng home and the two share concerns for the upcoming court case. If they lose, then oh well, life moves on...But if they win,

She'll cook him a heartfelt dinner~

The next morning, Lawyer Guang Xi drives over and gets ready. They already look like a married couple~ wooo~ hahahaha

Hahaha! Guang Xi's name for Flower Boy is The One Who Plants Flower! It's an important call from Flower Boy updating our lawyer on his latest progress with the stolen video.

It's time to go. And once again, he offers his hand.

And like before, she believes in him and takes his hand.

In the other house, Xiao Ah Yee has already made up her mind to leave. Mu Cheng is already gone and has Guang Xi to back her up and the man whose been sleeping next to her for a decade is a creepy pervert, there's no reason for her to stay.

Clueless about Xiao AH Yee's decision to leave, Ah Cai uses the opportunity to repent for his actions and promises to officially marry Xiao Ah Yee. It's all bs! He's trying to get her to side with him if she decides to go to court.

10 years together. There's got to be some feeling in this relationship. This will be the last time she'll fix his tie for him.

After he leaves for court, she takes out the paper with Guang Xi's number. Will she call him? Will she testify in court for Mu Cheng? Or for Ah Cai? Or will she just leave everything behind?

In the courtroom, Guang Xi's fanclub cheer him~ Wooo~ Guang Xi!

Even before the battle begins, there is already an air of competition between the two lawyer students. The one below is the school nerd who has had outstanding performances in mock trials.

The first witness is called to testify. Speaking in Mandarin mixed with Taiwanese, the seafood lady recalls the rather disturbing conversation with Ah Cai when he bought Mu Cheng to shop for turtles. Even the seafood lady sees Ah Cai as a creepy pervert!!
It's school nerd's turn to get the spotlight! And BOOM, like a bullet, he knocks out seafood lady's credibility. School Nerd 1 Guang Xi 0.
Next up is the wife of Mu Cheng's fish food boss who claims Mu Cheng seduced her husband and is therefore a "dirty girl". Her Evidence: the fish that the boss/her husband gave Mu Cheng as a bonus. When did giving out bonus become a sign of seduction? Her reasoning makes no sense to me.
Neither did it make any sense to Guang Xi who easily counters her flawed reasoning by giving her a taste of her own medicine! "Well then, following your reasoning, when you received your end of the year bonus from your boss, I could say that you're seducing your boss, correct?" HAHAHAHA! Score for Guang Xi!
And now the couple who stalked saw Guang Xi and Mu Cheng walk into Sheng De Tang at night and come out in the morning. And now people's minds start to go wild. They just slept in the same room~ geez, people, dun get too excited~ hahahahaaa

Ooo, he doesn't look too happy to hear that they spent the night together at Sheng De Tang. TOO BAD!

Oh boy, school nerd continues to paint Mu Cheng as a money hungry girl who seduced Guang Xi and Mr. Creepy.

Guang Xi's OS: When things get tough, I'll hold on to you. Awwww, this always reminds me of the hockey scene. "When you give your hands to someone, you're also handing over your life"

Mu Cheng's OS: My life is in your hands.

OH YAY! GO GUANG XI! Don't let school nerd's remarks affect you!!!

ROARRR! It's about time he gets questioned and this is where the real battle begins! BEAT HIM UP! BEAT HIM UP! BEAT HIM UP!

Guang Xi starts off with strong evidence of abuse going on at Mu Cheng's house. The photo of three bolts on the bedroom door and the photo of wooden boards used to cover the bathroom windows is enough to creep anyone out! Sometimes I really wonder how Mu Cheng put up with this for so long. But then again, she had no choice, until Guang Xi appeared.
A very angry Guang Xi spills the beans of truth! Mr. Creepy catching Mu Cheng on both dates at Sheng De Tang was no coincidence, but a thought out plan! 所以你不僅有犯案動機更是預謀犯案. So not only do you have a motive, but also a plan to carry out your crime!
That was awesome, Guang Xi! But Mr. Creepy makes a comeback by twisting the story. He claims, he went to find Mu Cheng at Sheng De Tang to save her from Guang Xi. To stop her from doing harmful things to herself. But didn't imagine that when he arrived, she even wanted to earn his money. OH snapple...this doesn't look too good...FLOWER BOY, HURRYYY UPPP! Next up, is Mu Cheng!
I admit that I'm seeing Guang Xi at Sheng De Tang but that's to play piano for him. He also knows that I've been living in fear so he wants to help me. Starting from high school, Uncle Cai hasn't stopped harassing me. I really want to leave this home that's why I started to work at the fish market, to save up money for fees and books so that I could can take the college test and leave this home. Perhaps Uncle Cai feels that since he raised me, I owe him, but I could send him money every month. But that doesn't mean he has the power to bully me!
Touching speech but Nerd boy brings them back over to danger's side by pointing out that Mu Cheng had a cellphone that was from Guang Xi. He claims that the cellphone was taken in exchange for bodily contact! ARGHHH!!! So not trueee! He goes on to defame Guang Xi, saying that Guang Xi took Mu Cheng's case to cover up his own dirty tracks.
Everyone sitting here knows my way of doing things. The past me, wouldn't be standing here today. A lunchbox girl's innocence has nothing to do with me. Thinking of how to play other women is more interesting to me.
Julia, you came too. Sorry, for ditching you 8 times.
Tiffany, I admit I dated you because of a bet. I sincerely apologize.
Just now, the prosecutor said that I wanted to cover my dirty history so that's why I took this case. He overestimated me. Today, as long as she gets her innocence, I don't care if you guys treat me like garbage and step all over me. Truthfully speaking, before girls, to me, were just flies buzzing around me looking for advantages or gold diggers. But now, it is she who made me realize that I shouldn't knock down everyone.
Compared to Liang Mu Cheng, me the garbage has more happiness. I don't have to worry about life, don't have never ending work, don't have to worry about which night my uncle would come sneaking up on me. She uses her own method to protect herself, she also takes into account other people's feelings. For the sake of her stepmom, she kept his ordeal to herself. Even if it meant living every day in fear, adding three locks to her bedroom, she still insists on living by her father's standards, living each day to its fullest.
For the sake of the application fee, she uses her free time to work, scaling and gutting fishes, holding those fishes that every girl would hold their noses at the smell of fish guts. And the only exchange she got for her hardwork is humiliation. Today, someone finally sees her sufferings and is willingly to speak the truth but her words are twisted by another's doings. This is the garbage dump that I live in. It's a petty world where lies becomes truths and difference between good and evil cease to exist.
But because I met Mu Cheng, her kindness, and serious attitude towards life allowed me, who has lived 20 years like a zombie, to, for the first time, have hope in life. For the first time in my life, I really want to treasure someone. For the first time, I want to become better for her. Because I believe, this world hasn't gone rotten yet. I can work hard with her, I won't anyone hurt her again.
Because she's been hurt for too long.
=D! Love Proposal on the spot!!!
Today, I just wish that you guys will prove to me that I can still have some hope for this world. Law is not a toy for evil people, but a pair of wings that truly protect good people. Otherwise, this rather fake investigation is even more disgusting than Zhou Jin Cai!
Just as the lady gives the verdict...
Flower Boy comes to save the day!
Thank you, flower boy! Thank you so much!
With the recording, the truth comes to light.
Yeaaaa, flower boy! Just beat him upp!
Instead it is Guang Xi who throws the punch and starts beating Ah Cai up in court. Hahaha! If this was a real court case, Guang Xi would have gotten arrested. The crowd is up on their feet cheering on Guang Xi. Too bad, Lawyer Lin stops Guang Xi. Ah Cai takes this opportunity to run for the door and escapes.

We declare Liang Mu Cheng innocent!

Law is not a game, boy.
Ah Cai ran home to look for his wife, who...has left...with all the money.

HAHAHAHAA! Who wouldn't be happy after all this drama!
Guang Xi catches up with Mu Cheng to ask for her response to his proposal back at the court. And she's about to say yes, when his mom calls. Hahaha, just kidding, she didn't say yes, she was just about to say something when his mom called. His mom wants an explanation for his actions. Hahahaa, and then Guang Xi goes, "What are you still doing here? Didn't we have a bet that if I win, you will cook something good for me? You should go back to prepare. I have to go for now, see you at Jacko's house." See you later~

And now we have some bad news coming from Flower Boy...
He's leaving. He's going back home to accompany his mother. Awwww, I like Flower Boy tho..
Now it's time to hear the story between Mu Cheng and Flower Boy. And it all starts with a bottle cap...the bottle cap of fate and luck...
One day, Flower Boy was running from some hooligans...and he ran and ran and ran into a small book shop...
..where he accidently bumps into Mu Cheng...
She helps him out by giving the hooligans wrong info...
...and they escape together to a grocery shop...where they are nearly discovered...blind hooligan!
After the hooligan left, they come out, and Flower Boy treats her to a bottle of coke.
Just before Flower Boy left, Mu Cheng discovered her bottle cap had a "You won a free bottle of Coke" and gave it to Flower Boy. Hahahahaaa! I remember those so well. Flower Boy has kept that lucky cap all along and never exchanged it because it brings him luck. But of course, we know it's because the bottle cap reminds him of Mu Cheng.

Back at Guang Xi's side, Guang Xi overhears his mother telling President He that his sudden declaration to Mu Cheng was just a tactic.
An angry but calm Guang Xi marches in to inform them that what he said in court came from deep in his heart. He tells them to stop trying to control his life by threatening him with Sheng De Tang. If the guy wants it, then take it. President He=What a bad butt!
You guys have no influence over my life, right now I'm going to find the real person that influences my life.
Guang Xi faints after walking out the door...*gasp*
Meanwhile, Mu Cheng is at Jacko's place, chopping carrots...and this is the first appearance of the infamous AC dish...Beef Over Rice!

Little does Mu Cheng know, Guang Xi is about to face the biggest obstacle in his life!

You have a tumor in your brain...

Ahhh~ finally, after a year a some weeks, episode 4 summary is out! Sorry for long delay! Hahaha! Finally got a chance to sit down and write it out.