October 02, 2010

You Xuan - I Am

I like this.

It's one of the insert song of Volleyball Lover, which all fans of Taiwan Drama should watch!

Because first, it centers loosely around a sport, volleyball, that isn't so male oriented *ahem* basketball *ahem*. I know people like basketball and stuff but not every Taiwan sporty Drama needs to revolve around basketball (Hot Shot, Bull Fighting, etc.). Finally, someone decides to come up with volleyball. I'm still waiting for badminton tho. =)

And second, Godfrey Gao is in it! Who in the taiwan entertainment world does not know Godfrey Gao? He's another hot flame! Hahahahaa! Although, at times, his acting can make you cringe, he's good eye candy~ hahaha. And well, if you're not into him, you could also go for the female lead, Annie Chen! Her acting is pretty good, she improves as the series progresses. She's also good eye candy.

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