October 24, 2010

Selina (SHE) Burned While Filming in Shanghai

Source: Yam News
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

While filming a blast scene for "I have a date with spring" in Shanghai; entertainer Selina was accidently injured. Selina's manager said tonight, Selina's hand and feet suffered serious burns, and is currently at Shanghai Ruijin Hospital.

Selina's manager expressed, wheile Selina was filming a blast scene for "I have a date with spring", was accidently injured, the doctors preliminary reports burns, Selina's hand and feet is more serious, and has suffered shock, while on the way to the hospital, she was very clear, and is stable at the moment, and will be receiving initial treatment, and is currently resting, please do not worry.

HIM Record company higher management has already rushed to the hosptial at first timing, hopes the hospitla will give Selina the best treatment and care. The manager has also thanked everyone's care, and give well wishes to Selina.

Oh my gooodnessssss!!! I hope her a speedy recover!!! I also heard that she was filming with Yu Hao Ming, the guy from China's version of Meteor Garden, when the explosion happened. They were both injured, but he was seriously injured and is still in critical condition because he sensed something was wrong right before the explosion and covered Selina. I hope both of them a speedy recoverrr!!!

UPDATE: Selina has been transferred from Shanghai to Taiwan to receive treatment.


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