October 30, 2010

Hebe Tien holds back tears at mention of Selina

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The member of S.H.E fought back tears and reassured fans of fellow band mate, Selina Jen’s condition at the Singapore Hit Awards 2010

It was a particularly emotional night for Hebe Tien, one-third of Taiwanese Mandopop girl group, S.H.E, as she holds back tears and worries over Selina's health condition.

Dressed in a simple black dress adorned with tassels, the 27-year-old artiste who recently released her solo debut album declared that she felt "very honoured to be a member of S.H.E" onstage at the 16th Singapore Hit Awards 2010.

Thanking everyone for the support when she received S.H.E's Most Popular Group award, she reminisced about their early days and the hardships they underwent together. Tears started to form in her eyes at the mention of Selina, who was involved in a filming accident eight days ago.

"We have encountered hardships but we have walked through them, especially during this critical period. Selina, my fellow sister is now in the hospital. People grow from adversity and we will definitely walk through this."

Choked with emotion and tears, Hebe mentioned that Selina has lost her only protective barrier, which is her skin, and is in a "fragile state". Despite her burnt conditions, Hebe shared that Selina is still going strong and endearingly called her "my heroine" and "angel."

Selina suffered third degree burns on over 30% of her body and is still admitted in the hospital's intensive care unit.

Appearing more composed in a backstage interview with the media, Hebe revealed that Selina is now able to speak and take in small amounts of food.

She also commented that Selina is still in pain despite being on painkillers, "The surface areas of the burns are just too big. It's uncomfortable and she has to be consistently on painkillers. But the painkillers can't alleviate her suffering and I hope that everyone can support her."

Despite the pain and suffering, Hebe reassures that Selina is still very optimistic.

"Since the first day I saw her when the accident happened, she has been very optimistic. She also told us not to worry for her."

Talking about the various adversities encountered by her fellow band mates, Hebe says that Selina is fighting an obstacle now.

"There may be setbacks but we are not afraid. We will always have confidence to continue walking on."
Feeling particularly poignant at mention of Selina's current state, Hebe feels that this incident has taught her the importance of "living for the moment as accidents can happen anytime."

With her emotions still in a state of flux at the award ceremony, she confessed that it feels "rather complicated" when she has to go out for work assignments now.

The concerned singer said, "it's as if I left my heart in Taipei" and has plans to call home immediately after the award ceremony to check on Selina's condition.

Tomorrow is Selina's birthday

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