October 04, 2010

Fahrenheit become train conductors, taking fans on a tour

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Taiwan Tourism spokesmen, Fahrenheit, became train conductors to lead a 9 hour tour of Hualien, Taiwan for nearly 1,200 overseas fans from fifteen different countries. When they arrived, early in the morning, at the Taipei train station, they were chased by fans and caused chaos on the platform. Even after the train started pulling away, the fans who were not on the tour continued to pound like crazy on the glass. Eighty percent of those fans chose to follow the special tour. Only 500 seats were originally planned for the tour, but another train had to be arranged due to the popularity. Though it wasn't as impressive as the 5000 fans F4 attracted back in 2007, with the actual tour earning NT$44,000,000 (~USD$1,400,000,) not including the money paid by fans who followed the tour and other spending, Fahrenheit brought in a lot of profit for Taiwan tourism -- confirming it was the right choice for them to be spokesmen.

Fahrenheit had just arrived back from Mainland China the day before and all four appeared to be completely exhausted. However, despite Calvin having a cold and Wu Chun having a sore throat the entire time, as soon as they got to the train and saw their fans, they immediately regained their energy. They started off by making a broadcast in the various languages of the fans, and then went around collecting tickets and playing games. The fans were extremely happy. When Fahrenheit was asked about whether they were afraid of causing a riot on the train, Calvin joked, "It's a good thing it was ticket inspections and not body inspections."

They also provided lunch boxes for the fans on the train and Wu Chun was made fun of, for coming just for the lunch. He said, "I think Taiwan's lunch boxes are famous worldwide. When (you) come to Taiwan, (you) must have a lunch box". The Hualien locals enthusiastically invited Fahrenheit to try pounding mochi as they were walking around. In the evening, they all danced the bamboo dance together. The four members were in complete confusion, calling out, "Knowing how to dance doesn't mean you can dance the bamboo dance."

DIY Mochi pounding

Sources: UDN, Appledaily, Libertytimes

HAHAHAHHAAA! Calvin's right! Chun came aboard just for the lunchboxes! Hahahahahaaa! When I go to Taiwan with Kiwi, we will definitely get some Taiwan lunchboxes because it's recommended by the food king, Wu Chun!

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