October 16, 2010

Drama Progress Report #n

Just in case, you're wondering what show I'm watching now since I'm too lazy to update that on the sidebar, I'll put them in this post

Hong Kong Dramas

1) The Comeback Clan: This is the typical filler comic family drama. It ended a few days ago and the ending was hahaha very funny! I think they put this drama out to get us ready for the next big drama that's coming out, Rosy Business Part 2!!!! Ta Da! It's the same theory as getting a drink of water before watching a scary movie. Giving the audience something easy and fun to watch before getting serious!

2) Every Move You Make: When this show first came out, I was really iffy on it especially after I saw the cast. I'd pass Bosco, Amy, and Bowie. But then I watched the first episode and thought, "Wow, this is pretty good show". My image of Bosco has improved greatly due to this show... because he's a pen spinner, a really amazing one too! I can only do the thumbaround and the reverse thumbaround! Anyways, this show focuses on using body language readings to solve cases. Some of the things they point out are really interesting. For example, if you're talking to someone, and your feet is pointing towards another direction, that means you want to leave, you want to get out of the conversation. Pretty cool drama even though it's said that they plagiarized the American drama, Lie to Me. I give them credit for making me interested. (By the way, Amy's acting is not convincing here)

Taiwan Dramas

1) Volleyball Lover: OH MY GOODNESS! This is such a great show cuz it has volleyball in it! That's something new! The storyline is pretty hilarious but they are starting to drag and cut the show now which is pretty sad. I hope they could air the whole episode without cutting all the "unnecessary" parts. And I think Godfrey needs to get a haircut or at least stop gelling his hair backwards cuz he looks really weird like that. It took a while to get used to his new hair style.

2) Zhong Wu Yan: Very disappointed in this show. I dislike Mingdao's character. Cheryl is not bad but the story is not very interesting. It's very slow. The only reason why I'm still watching is because of Chris Wu's story line. What, you don't know Chris Wu? Oh my god, stop kidding! He's Flower boy from Autumn's Concerto! He outshines everyone in this drama as the blind CEO of this big company. I want him to end up with Cheryl's character.

3) Endless Love: Oddly, this kinda reminded me of Autumn's Concerto. Maybe because Wilbur's past is similar to Mu Cheng's past. And the 3 years later Wilbur is even colder than the 6 years later Mu Cheng and Guangxi. Not a bad show at all despite its poor ratings. It has a very interesting red string of fate theory that ties into the story very nicely. It's said that an invisible red string connects two people who are fated to be together.

Korean Drama

1) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho:
If you haven't watched this drama, then you don't know what you're missing out on!!! This is a MUST WATCH! Repeat, MUST WATCH! It's definitely one of the best and funniest drama I've ever watched! Oh, and I must say the computer graphics are really awesome, you'll agree with me once you see her tails~


  1. omg i love my girlfriend is a gumiho. it was so sweet and touching but funny at the same time :)

  2. I love ur blog, n i trust in ur recommendation, so far i watched autumn concerto n my girlfriend is a gomiho, n i luuvvv them very much!
    So, just want to show u my appreciation! Keep on goin!!!