October 28, 2010

Bii - 轉身之後

I don't like the show, but I like this song. =)


  1. hahaha....good taste, celsius!
    this song was my ringtone for a while....
    it has recently been replaced by this though =p

  2. hahahahaaa! looks like we have similar taste!!!

    I liked that song too, the one you posted! the movie was bashed by critics, but i thought it wasn't THAT bad.

  3. yeah...i agree about the movie. i mean...its a romcom starring heartthrob leehom...you cant really expect it to be a work of art =p
    either way, i thoroughly enjoyed it and loved that he fused so much music (esp chinese classical music) into it...
    also i feel like having crystal liu as the female lead gave it more credibility...she does have an artistic air about her and shes actually an actress...
    it could have been a lot worse if they found a bimbo female lead =p

    love the lyrics to the song...so romantic! fits the movie perfectly =)