September 07, 2010

Jerry Yan Appears at Material Girl Press Con With Van Ness Wu

A press event was held for Material Queen to officially introduce Van Ness Wu as its new leading man. Fellow F4 Jerry Yan made a surprise appearance after dropping out of the drama several days ago. It was impossible for him to keep a low-profile despite wearing casual clothes and a cap, but he did look like he wasn’t feeling very well. Producer Chen Yu Shan later explained that Jerry has been suffering from immune system problems, but the cause of his illness is still unknown.

Chen Yu Shan and director
Chen Hui Ling got Van Ness Wu to sign on within 24 hours after they lost Jerry Yan. On the replacement casting, director Chen clarified, “I didn't invite (Van Ness Wu) to act, but rather to play the right role.” Van Ness Wu said he accepted the offer a day after getting her call on 27th, “I’ve had wanted to act (in this drama), but didn’t insist on it, maybe God heard my voice, it’s fate.” The press also asked if he is concerned about his height, since costar Lynn Xiong is 178 cm tall. Van Ness Wu responded, “Even Jay Chou can act alongside Lin Chi-ling, what should I be afraid of?”

From the left: Jerry Yan, Patricia Field, Chen Yu Shan, Chen Hui Ling, Van Ness Wu

Jay Chou reaches new "height" with Lin Chi-Ling

the very tall Lynn Xiong

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN

Wooo~ Van Ness! Back in another drama! The last time I saw him was in Year of the Rain, produced by the same Chen Hui Ling, the AC director! Hahaha~! Ooy~ that picture of Van Ness with the violin...makes me think of Autumn's Concerto Air on G String!!! OMG! That reminds me the GBA's nominations and award ceremony is going to be here soooon!!! I hope Autumn's Concerto sweeps the awardsss!!!

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