September 24, 2010

The Horoscope Read My Mind

I just went on weibo and saw this horoscope post on dramas~ oooooooo

Which drama is your horoscope?
Capricorn - Smile Pasta
Pisces - Chinese Paladin
Aquarius - Witch Amusement
Aries - Prince's First Love
Taurus - My Lucky Star
Gemini - The Myth
Cancer - Hi My Sweetheart
Leo - Fated to Love You
Virgo - Dwelling Narrowness
Libra - Let's Watch Meteor Shower Together
Sagittarius - Autumn's Concerto
Scorpio - Summer's Desire

I'm a Sagittarius and I LOVE Autumn's Concertooooo!!! hahahahaha~ woooo! I've watched almost every drama on this list except Prince's First Love, Dwelling Narrowness, and Summer's Desireee!!! The Horoscope predictor likes Hu Ge and Ady. Both of them have two shows on the list. Heheheheheehee!


  1. Haha, I'm cancer, and I love Hi my sweetheart! Haha ..

  2. leave it up to me to get chinese paladin.. the drama i gave up on hahaha. i guess this is my sign to start watching it again

  3. hahahha.....YEAHHHHH im a sagittarius too!!
    我爱下一站幸福!! =p

  4. november 25th...thanksgiving! =) how about you?

  5. wow! that's so cool. you never have school on ur birthday! hahahaa! im 12/11~