September 30, 2010

Ethan Ruan & Joe Chen to Reunite in Fated to Love You 2

SETTV's idol drama "Fated to Love You" once reached ratings of 10.91 points, peaking 13.64 points. Leads of the drama Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen Qiao En successfully become the A-class actors. But after they starred in this drama, they left and moved on to the big screen. Although ratings of SETTV idol dramas aired after "FTLY" are still at the top of the ratings chart, but they're only around 2s [except Autumn's Concerto, which received a high rating of 8.23 points].

In order to reach high ratings again, yesterday SETTV announced their plans of shooting new idol dramas <小襄的美麗人生> [rough translation: Xiao Nang's Beautiful Life] and <醉後決定愛上你> [rough translation: Decide to Love You After Drunk] next year. <醉後決定愛上你> is planned to be the sequel of "FTLY" and the company also planned to pair Ethan with Joe again.

GM of SETTV Su Li Mei expressed they will invest 4 - 4.5 million per episode as production fee and she frankly said that they has yet officially ask Ethan and Joe. "Because afraid of being rejected," admitted Su. "We are prepared though. But still hope they can star in this drama." Ethan's manager expressed they still need to plan according to Ethan's schedule and the scripts.

Omg! This is soo cool! It'll be even better if both Ethan and Joe have time and agree to film this sequel! I wish they had continue to film the ancient version of FTLY tho~ I read the script online and it's hilariousss!


  1. i would be soooo happy if this worked out..... actually to be honest, as long as joe chen works out, i dont mind so much who the male lead is =p

    but i kinda have a feeling it might not =\
    hope i dont jinx it!!

  2. sorry to ask,but where did you find the videos of Fated to love you? I'm not finding any videos to watch on line or to download. thanks