September 20, 2010

Disappointment Disappointment

Wow...I can't believe it. I just can't. Autumn's Concerto only got one nomination in this year's Golden Bell Awards! The most amazing Taiwan drama only got one nomination, the Best Selling Program Award!!! What the *beeppp*! It did NOT get a nomination for best drama. Ady's name was missing from the Best Actress List, and Van Ness' name was missing from Best Actor List. How can this beeee!!!! But you know who got in? Hi, My Sweetheart got the most nomination: best drama, Show Luo for Best Actor, Rainie Yang for Best Actress. I'm so disappointeddd! Comeee onnn, I think Van Ness and Ady outshines Show and Rainie in the acting department! I don't hate Show and Rainie but ... Autumn's Concerto over Hi My Sweetheart anyday! I was sooo looking forward to seeing Autumn's Concerto sweeping the awards this year...but *sigh* ...

Full List of Nominations

Update: Autumn's Concerto has already won an award in my heart, so has Ady, Van Ness, and Chris. I calmed down and thought about it. Not nominating Autumn's Concerto makes Autumn's Concerto even more memorable because bad news makes a deeper impression than good news. (Sad but true). Hahahahaaa! I guess that's the most optimistic way of looking at it.

吴建豪 said: "我们拍一站幸福的目的不是金钟奖.....是我们的爱"
Van Ness said: The purpose of filming Autumn's Concerto was not the Golden Bell's our love.

安以轩 said: "可能我们拍一站的过程跟收视都太幸福, 得奖就变到一站了!"
Ady said: Maybe the ratings and the filming journey of Autumn's Concerto were too full of Happiness, so we get the award at the Next Stop.


  1. i totally agree wid u!.....autumns concentro deserved lot more!!

  2. man....i couldnt even last through episode 1 of "hi my sweetheart" and i was planning on watching it!!
    on the other hand, i totally didnt plan on watching "autumn's concerto" but got sucked in and became a super fan!
    i guess that goes to show our tastes are just not that good =p

    oh well....forget the golden bell awards...
    i gave up on them after the year they screwed over joe chen for best actress in fated to love you. here they are again, screwing over the entire crew behind "autumns concerto" is a travesty!!

  3. Hi my sweetheart was fine...just that autumn's concerto was better. AC was like on a totally different higher and deeper level than hi my sweetheart. kakakakakaaa~ sooo </3!!!