September 30, 2010

Ethan Ruan & Joe Chen to Reunite in Fated to Love You 2

SETTV's idol drama "Fated to Love You" once reached ratings of 10.91 points, peaking 13.64 points. Leads of the drama Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen Qiao En successfully become the A-class actors. But after they starred in this drama, they left and moved on to the big screen. Although ratings of SETTV idol dramas aired after "FTLY" are still at the top of the ratings chart, but they're only around 2s [except Autumn's Concerto, which received a high rating of 8.23 points].

In order to reach high ratings again, yesterday SETTV announced their plans of shooting new idol dramas <小襄的美麗人生> [rough translation: Xiao Nang's Beautiful Life] and <醉後決定愛上你> [rough translation: Decide to Love You After Drunk] next year. <醉後決定愛上你> is planned to be the sequel of "FTLY" and the company also planned to pair Ethan with Joe again.

GM of SETTV Su Li Mei expressed they will invest 4 - 4.5 million per episode as production fee and she frankly said that they has yet officially ask Ethan and Joe. "Because afraid of being rejected," admitted Su. "We are prepared though. But still hope they can star in this drama." Ethan's manager expressed they still need to plan according to Ethan's schedule and the scripts.

Omg! This is soo cool! It'll be even better if both Ethan and Joe have time and agree to film this sequel! I wish they had continue to film the ancient version of FTLY tho~ I read the script online and it's hilariousss!

September 29, 2010

Ady An, Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday, Libra Ady!
May your days be forever merry and bright!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making so many good dramas!
Keep up the good work, best actress!
Next Stop, Happiness!
Happy Birthday!

September 28, 2010

Liang Xiao Le, Happy Birthdayy!!

September 28 Liang Xiao Le's Birthdayy! Happy Birthday, Ren Liang Xiao Leeee!!!!!!!

Xiao Le with Ady and Director~!

Xiao Le with GuangXi Ba Ba~! 可愛喔~

哈哈哈~Xiao Le and his girlfriend, Tang Tang~!

Xiao Le and Grandmaa~


September 27, 2010

Just a Little Bit

Jeff Chang and Joey Yung singing 有一點动心~

张:我和你 男和女 都逃不过爱情
zhang: wo he ni nan he nv dou tao bu guo ai qing

谁愿意 有勇气 不顾一切付出真心
shei yuan yi you yong qi bu gu yi qie fu chu zhen xin

刘:你说的 不只你 还包括我自己
liu: ni shuo de bu zhi ni hao bao kuo wo zi ji

该不该 再继续 该不该有回应
gai bu gai zai ji xu gai bu gai you hui ying

rang ai yi bu yi bu kao jin

张:我对你 有一点动心
zhang: wo dui ni you yi dian dong xin

却如此害怕 看你的眼睛
que ru ci hai pa kan ni de yan jing

有那么一点点动心 一点点迟疑
you na me yi dian dian dong xin yi dian dian ci yi

bu gan xiang xin wo de qing bu zi jin

liu: wo dui ni you yi dian dong xin

不知结果 是悲伤还是喜
bu zhi jie guo shi bei shang hai shi xi

有那么一点点动心 一点点迟疑
you na me yi dian dian dong xin yi dian dian ci yi

害怕爱过以后 还要失去
hai pa ai guo yi hou hai yao shi qu

合:难以抗拒 喔~
together: nan yi kang ju

ren zui pa jiu shi dong le qing

sui ran bu xiang bu kan bu ting

que xian ru ai li

合:我和你 男和女 都逃不过爱情
together: wo he ni nan he nv dou tao bu guo ai qing

ye xu ying gai fang xin

rang ai yi bu yi bu kao jin

September 24, 2010

The Horoscope Read My Mind

I just went on weibo and saw this horoscope post on dramas~ oooooooo

Which drama is your horoscope?
Capricorn - Smile Pasta
Pisces - Chinese Paladin
Aquarius - Witch Amusement
Aries - Prince's First Love
Taurus - My Lucky Star
Gemini - The Myth
Cancer - Hi My Sweetheart
Leo - Fated to Love You
Virgo - Dwelling Narrowness
Libra - Let's Watch Meteor Shower Together
Sagittarius - Autumn's Concerto
Scorpio - Summer's Desire

I'm a Sagittarius and I LOVE Autumn's Concertooooo!!! hahahahaha~ woooo! I've watched almost every drama on this list except Prince's First Love, Dwelling Narrowness, and Summer's Desireee!!! The Horoscope predictor likes Hu Ge and Ady. Both of them have two shows on the list. Heheheheheehee!

September 23, 2010

Wedding bells in March for Blackie Chen and Christine Fan

Source :

The road to happiness doesn't come easy.

For Taiwanese host Blackie Chen and singer Christine Fan, it took ten long years.

Speaking to reporters on the set of his new movie,Amazing, in Shanghai yesterday, the 33-year-old host revealed that he will be officially getting engaged to Christine in November and will hold a wedding in March next year.

In February this year, Blackie had proposed to long-time girlfriend Christine with a Tiffany and Co. ring mid-way through watching an NBA match in New Jersey.

The gesture clearly touched the singer as she had immediately agreed to the proposal.

"We'll still be continuing with our respective works after marriage. There won't be any change," he said, when reporters asked about the couple's plans after getting hitched.

Currently busy with filming in China, Blackie couldn't help but lament that Christine and him "have been apart for two months."

With Christine stuck at work in Beijing and Blackie in Shanghai, the lovebirds maintains their relationship through facebook, blogs, and "the occasional meet up in Shanghai for hotpot."

Congratssss! 10 years is longggg! Wish they continue for many more 10 years!

September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn's Festival

Today's mid autumn festival! Have a good one and enjoy your moon cakes! Yum Yum! Give you all a moon song~! Yue Guang, Moonlight, sung by Hu Ge! Happy belated birthday!

September 21, 2010

My Favorite Sleeping Song

The most famous sleeping song in the world written by Brahms and in this video played on a saxophone by Kenny G. Wonderful~! This is the type of music I would love to listen to after coming home from a long day at work. So relaxing~~~

September 20, 2010

A Terracotta Warrior Trailer

WOW! Can't wait to watch thissss! This is soo funny~~~~

Disappointment Disappointment

Wow...I can't believe it. I just can't. Autumn's Concerto only got one nomination in this year's Golden Bell Awards! The most amazing Taiwan drama only got one nomination, the Best Selling Program Award!!! What the *beeppp*! It did NOT get a nomination for best drama. Ady's name was missing from the Best Actress List, and Van Ness' name was missing from Best Actor List. How can this beeee!!!! But you know who got in? Hi, My Sweetheart got the most nomination: best drama, Show Luo for Best Actor, Rainie Yang for Best Actress. I'm so disappointeddd! Comeee onnn, I think Van Ness and Ady outshines Show and Rainie in the acting department! I don't hate Show and Rainie but ... Autumn's Concerto over Hi My Sweetheart anyday! I was sooo looking forward to seeing Autumn's Concerto sweeping the awards this year...but *sigh* ...

Full List of Nominations

Update: Autumn's Concerto has already won an award in my heart, so has Ady, Van Ness, and Chris. I calmed down and thought about it. Not nominating Autumn's Concerto makes Autumn's Concerto even more memorable because bad news makes a deeper impression than good news. (Sad but true). Hahahahaaa! I guess that's the most optimistic way of looking at it.

吴建豪 said: "我们拍一站幸福的目的不是金钟奖.....是我们的爱"
Van Ness said: The purpose of filming Autumn's Concerto was not the Golden Bell's our love.

安以轩 said: "可能我们拍一站的过程跟收视都太幸福, 得奖就变到一站了!"
Ady said: Maybe the ratings and the filming journey of Autumn's Concerto were too full of Happiness, so we get the award at the Next Stop.

September 13, 2010

So Tell Me What Time Is It

So I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how the numbers on this clock works. Hahaha, it's going to take some time to tell time ~! Kekekekeke! It makes a perfect present for math teachers tho (or future math teachers *ahem*)! Hahaha!

1100(2) = binary number for 12
tan (45) = 1
radical (4) = 2
Round (II) = 3 minutes in a boxing round
Log 55 = Log base 3 (55) rounded to 4
X^2 = 3^2 + 4^2 = Pythagorean theorem X = 5
3! = 3*2*1 = 6
6.9 bar ~~ 7
16/2 = 8
3*3 = 9
g = acceleration due to gravity ~ 9.8 rounds to 10
0b = base 12 representation of 11

September 10, 2010

OMG! Leila is getting married!

Yes! That's right! Leila Tong is gonna get marrieddd!!! Kinda sudden but congratulationssss!!!! Woo!

September 08, 2010

The Composer of "I Love Him"

WOW! Their version is different from Ding Dang's version but they're both really good!!! The guy on the piano is the composer, 陳威全. The guy on the guitar is 方炯鑌! I love how they add their own spin to the song, this is what I call talents!!! We need more of themmm!!!! And the video below is just the composer,
陳威全! By the way, he's getting married this monthh!!! Next stop, Happiness is in store for himm!!! Wooo!

September 07, 2010

Jerry Yan Appears at Material Girl Press Con With Van Ness Wu

A press event was held for Material Queen to officially introduce Van Ness Wu as its new leading man. Fellow F4 Jerry Yan made a surprise appearance after dropping out of the drama several days ago. It was impossible for him to keep a low-profile despite wearing casual clothes and a cap, but he did look like he wasn’t feeling very well. Producer Chen Yu Shan later explained that Jerry has been suffering from immune system problems, but the cause of his illness is still unknown.

Chen Yu Shan and director
Chen Hui Ling got Van Ness Wu to sign on within 24 hours after they lost Jerry Yan. On the replacement casting, director Chen clarified, “I didn't invite (Van Ness Wu) to act, but rather to play the right role.” Van Ness Wu said he accepted the offer a day after getting her call on 27th, “I’ve had wanted to act (in this drama), but didn’t insist on it, maybe God heard my voice, it’s fate.” The press also asked if he is concerned about his height, since costar Lynn Xiong is 178 cm tall. Van Ness Wu responded, “Even Jay Chou can act alongside Lin Chi-ling, what should I be afraid of?”

From the left: Jerry Yan, Patricia Field, Chen Yu Shan, Chen Hui Ling, Van Ness Wu

Jay Chou reaches new "height" with Lin Chi-Ling

the very tall Lynn Xiong

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN

Wooo~ Van Ness! Back in another drama! The last time I saw him was in Year of the Rain, produced by the same Chen Hui Ling, the AC director! Hahaha~! Ooy~ that picture of Van Ness with the violin...makes me think of Autumn's Concerto Air on G String!!! OMG! That reminds me the GBA's nominations and award ceremony is going to be here soooon!!! I hope Autumn's Concerto sweeps the awardsss!!!

September 06, 2010

O Shucks

What a really really really bad way to seep into the new semester!!! First my laptop gets attacked by a vicious virus and then my external hard drive fails to boot (it turned out the master file table was corrupt)...sigh...luckily I was able to recover all my pictures...but unfortunately, I lost a lot of other stuff... right now, I'm too scared to just have externals as backup, putting everything on dvds and cds as a second resort~! kakakakakakaaaa~