August 19, 2010

Missing Post #2: New August 2010 Birthday List

August is the month of the Perseid Meteor Shower, the brightest shower in the year! Happy Birthday, August Lion People! Triple Cheers!

August 4: Chen Qiao En (TW)
August 7: Shirley Yeung (HK)
August 7: Van Ness Wu (TW)
August 7: Tiffany Xu (TW)
August 8: Amanda Zhou (TW)
August 8: Esther Liu (TW)
August 9: Sammi Cheng (HK)
August 11: Gui Gui (TW)
August 15: Kevin Cheng (HK)
August 18: Jessica Hsuan (HK)
August 18: Leo Ku (HK)
August 23: Jack Wu (HK)
August 23: Alan Tam (HK)
August 24: Jiro Wang (TW)
August 24: Kimi Hsia (TW)
August 25: Raymond Wong (HK)
August 26: Michael Tao (HK)
August 27: Julian Cheung (HK)
August 27: Faye of F.I.R. (TW)
August 28: Florence Kwok (HK)
August 28: Liza Wang (HK)
August 28: Him Law (HK)
August 30: Tavia Yeung (HK)
August 30: Niki Chow (HK)
August 30: Michael Wong (TW)

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