August 18, 2010

Missing Post #1: Bye Bye Summer School

Summer school has finally come to an end after 3 months. I took two courses this summer: Linear Algebra and Music History. I, of course, enjoyed music more than linear algebra. In music, you use your ears. In math, you have to sit there and do calculations and think through theorems and proofs. It's summer and it's drenching hot out. I think sitting back, closing your eyes, and listening to some Beethoven and Brahms is much better than sitting there calculating things. It IS summer after all. Summer is the season to relaxxxxxx~ unforunately, I only have less than a week of vacation before the fall semester begins again...*sigh*

P.S. There's been a lack of posts lately because it's summer and I got lazy~ hahahaha! hopefully, the laziness goes away~~~~

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