August 01, 2010

Lienna Q - I'll Be There For You

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I'll be there for you
作曲:Conrad Wong (黃尚偉)
作詞:Conrad Wong & Lienna Q
編曲:Conrad Wong
混音:Joe Ngai
監製:Conrad Wong
主唱:Lienna Q

Verse 1
Everyday and everynight,
I wanna hold you close to me,
And all I ever need is you ,
You are my life
I have fallen for you

Verse 2
Every hour and everyday,
I want to be there by your side,
And loving you is all I ask,
I send you my love
My heart and my soul
** I've found my true love

I can't stop loving you,
How can I let you know?
When our souls apart
We're feeling each other's heart
How to let you know?
wanna let you know
you know that it's true
my heart is only for you

Verse 3
There's one truth you never know
I just can't stand each day without you
And when the sky is gonna snow
All I'm gonna do
Is looking for you
I've found my true love
I'll give my whole life to you **

〔Music Break〕

Repeat **
you know that it's true
I'll be there for you

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