August 02, 2010

HK TV Ratings

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

TVB Rating Reports (26/07/2010 - 01/08/2010)


A Pillow Case of Mystery II - 施公奇案II (EP 10-14) - 30 PTS (Peaking at 39 PTS)

Beauty Knows No Pain - 女人最痛 (EP 01-05) - 28 PTS


2010 Miss Hong Kong Pageant - 香港小姐競選 - 25 PTS (Peaking at 29 PTS)


The Men of Justice - 法網群英 (EP 01-05) - 5 PTS


- TVB and BA received a total of 18 complaints. TVB got 11 ; BA got 7.
- TVB received 9 complaints on Lisa Chong's victory, that it was cheating.
- TVB received 2 complaints on Eric Tsang's rough language.
- BA received 7 complaints on the show being immoral.
- Tsang Sing Ming said: "MHK were scored by the panel of judges before the finals and scored again during the finals. There was also auditors present at the scene, there is no decision made beforehand nor was there any cheating going on."

Uhhh...Miss.HK show is a joke. There is too much behind the scene decision making going on. Men of Justice is...doing ok even though it only has 5 points. It's such a good show that shows a more lifelike side of the whole law enforcement teams like the prosecutors, different divisions in the police department, etc. And the cases, themselves, are on a different level from prior police cases. These cases are a real reflection of society and what it has become. The outcomes of these cases are not predictable, drama wise. They're NOT like TVB, where oh, the bad guy always goes to jail and the good guy finally gets justice. Sometimes, the line between good guy and bad guy is a blur especially in the cases in Men of Justice.

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