July 12, 2010

Salute Major Welch

I went hiking up Bear Mountain yesterday with the fruits, an arrow, and an unnamed friend! We actually made it all the way to the top! We're all first time hikers and we picked one of the hardest trails to travel on (People online say that it's not for novices like us) and we made it! We made it ALL the way to the top! It was an awesome feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! Woo! The view on the way up was stunning! We saw clouds, green mountains overlooking the Hudson River! Oh, beautiful! It would have been even MORE beautiful if the sun was setting in the background!

I've learned that hiking is like life.

Steep rocks: Whether in life or in hiking, there will be many obstacles but there will always be a way to get around it. Steep rocks, no problem!

Trail Marks: Trail marks = goals in life!

There were many times along the way where we wanted to give up and go back but thanks to the encouragement of fellow hikers, we continue to push forward, and push forward, and push until we reached the top where the vending machines magically appeared. Yes, that's right. Vending Machines at the top of the mountain!

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