July 27, 2010

New July 2010 Birthday List

July 1: Justin Lo (HK)
July 2: Terri Kwan (TW)
July 6: Elvina Kong (HK)
July 9: Ella Koon (HK)
July 9: Lee Wei (TW)
July 10: Jacky Cheung (HK)
July 11: Christine Kuo (HK)
July 16: Esther Kwan (HK)
July 16: Kenneth Chan (HK)
July 20: Annie Man (HK)
July 20: Viven Yeo (HK)
July 22: Sonija Kwok (HK)
July 24: George Hu (TW)
July 27: Eason Chan (HK)
July 27: Wong Hei (HK)
July 28: Bobby Au-Yeung (HK)
July 30: Show Luo (TW)
July 31: Sire Ma (HK)

One of the hottest months of the year! Happy birthday to all July babies!

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