July 24, 2010

"Fated To Love You" to be animated

Credit: fufu @ CpopAccess

SETTV’s original production, “Fated To Love You” will become animated! Yesterday, the sample drawing of the main characters Chen Xin-Yi and Ji Cun-Xi was revealed at the press conference. The animation production will begin at the end of the year and it’s estimated to take a year and a half to complete, costing $140 million (NT). Ethan Ruan, who played the original Ji Cun-Xi, expressed his interest in doing the voice acting for his own character in the animation.

SETTV’s vice general manager Su Li-Mei foresees great development in the animation industry, “Taiwan’s idol drama is the most representative of Taiwanese culture. We want to make use of this to create new works.”

In addition, she also plans to bring these original idol dramas onto the big screen. SETTV hopes to collaborate with mainland investors to make movies out of hit drama series, which are “Lavender”, “Autumn’s Concerto”, “My Queen”, “Westside Story”, “Fated To Love You”, and “Green Forest, My Home”. Su Li-Mei expressed, “Maybe because I’ve been working a lot with Teacher (Wang) Hsiao-Ti (director / screenwriter), so I feel that I have responsibility towards (developing) Taiwan’s creativity.”

The “Fated To Love You” animation is estimated to premiere in 2012.

WOW! This is so cool! Instead of anime/manga turning into idol dramas, it's idol dramas turning into anime now~! Hahahahaa! But 2012 is a long wait...I can't wait that long. oooo, I hope Qiao En would voice her original character tooo!

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