July 28, 2010

ATV ratings increases

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

ATV's Men of Justice, premiered on the same day as TVB's Beauty Knows No Pain. Men of Justice averaged 5 points in TV ratings with approximately 320,000 viewers on the first episode broadcast. TVB Jade and HD channel received average of 28 points, approximately 1.8 million viewers for the first episode of Beauty Knows No Pain. ATV's CEO (Yip Ka Bo) expressed that Men of Justice received higher ratings than the previous week's broadcast of Princess Atsu. Based on the TV rating survey, there is an increase in viewers from age 15-39, men and well educated. Looks like not only 'see lai' (housewives) support the series. Online, Netizens had positive feedback for the series, ATV has confidence that the ratings will continue to rise, their target for the ratings is to reach double digits.

Jia You, ATV! 5 points is little, but it's a good start! I hope the ratings go into double digits too!

Don't Hate ATV

ATV's new drama, Men of Justice, finally came out yesterday!!! WOOO!!! I recommended to this to some people, and the first thing they said was "ATV show? Not watching". My gosh! Stop hating on ATV! Their dramas aren't that bad! I think ATV's Vampire Dramas (MDWAV 1-3) can take down ALL of TVB's dramas. The only drama it can't take down is Autumn's Concerto~ And sure, ATV has some draggy long dramas but so does TVB *cough* Gem of Life and Drive of Life*cough*.

One of the things they do need to improve on is the lighting because some of the dramas always looks gray and dark, like it's always a cloudy day out. I don't know if that's intentional for the drama or if it's lack of budget. But anyway,
stop hating on ATV!!! ATV, add oil!!!

If you haven't watched My Date With A Vampire, well, what are you waiting for?

If you haven't watched My Date With A Vampire II, what are you waiting for?

If you haven't watched My Date With A Vampire III, go watch it?

If you haven't watched Project Ji Xiang, go watch it now!

July 27, 2010

Free Fall

Handsome Prince goes to a Su Do Ku Competition when suddenly...

...he is surrounded by a horde of female fans...

...his guard helps him ward off the fans by telling them to care about their safety and if they fall, their prince will come help them up...

...and almost immediately, the fans free fall to the ground and wait for their prince to give them his hand...

HAHAHAHHAAAAAA! I started watching Volleyball Lover and this was one of the hilarious scenes from the drama! My god~ fans are so funny in dramas! I think if that was my idol, I would fall down too! HAHAHAHAA!

New July 2010 Birthday List

July 1: Justin Lo (HK)
July 2: Terri Kwan (TW)
July 6: Elvina Kong (HK)
July 9: Ella Koon (HK)
July 9: Lee Wei (TW)
July 10: Jacky Cheung (HK)
July 11: Christine Kuo (HK)
July 16: Esther Kwan (HK)
July 16: Kenneth Chan (HK)
July 20: Annie Man (HK)
July 20: Viven Yeo (HK)
July 22: Sonija Kwok (HK)
July 24: George Hu (TW)
July 27: Eason Chan (HK)
July 27: Wong Hei (HK)
July 28: Bobby Au-Yeung (HK)
July 30: Show Luo (TW)
July 31: Sire Ma (HK)

One of the hottest months of the year! Happy birthday to all July babies!

Linear Algebra, You've Been Conquered!!!


July 24, 2010

"Fated To Love You" to be animated

Credit: fufu @ CpopAccess

SETTV’s original production, “Fated To Love You” will become animated! Yesterday, the sample drawing of the main characters Chen Xin-Yi and Ji Cun-Xi was revealed at the press conference. The animation production will begin at the end of the year and it’s estimated to take a year and a half to complete, costing $140 million (NT). Ethan Ruan, who played the original Ji Cun-Xi, expressed his interest in doing the voice acting for his own character in the animation.

SETTV’s vice general manager Su Li-Mei foresees great development in the animation industry, “Taiwan’s idol drama is the most representative of Taiwanese culture. We want to make use of this to create new works.”

In addition, she also plans to bring these original idol dramas onto the big screen. SETTV hopes to collaborate with mainland investors to make movies out of hit drama series, which are “Lavender”, “Autumn’s Concerto”, “My Queen”, “Westside Story”, “Fated To Love You”, and “Green Forest, My Home”. Su Li-Mei expressed, “Maybe because I’ve been working a lot with Teacher (Wang) Hsiao-Ti (director / screenwriter), so I feel that I have responsibility towards (developing) Taiwan’s creativity.”

The “Fated To Love You” animation is estimated to premiere in 2012.

WOW! This is so cool! Instead of anime/manga turning into idol dramas, it's idol dramas turning into anime now~! Hahahahaa! But 2012 is a long wait...I can't wait that long. oooo, I hope Qiao En would voice her original character tooo!

July 21, 2010

A Different Way to Look at Countries

@生活小智慧 Weibo

Hahahahaaa! This is creative! Who would have thought China = come here, i need affection! And Korea reminds me of Autumn's Concerto~ something Mu Cheng once said. Ah~ miss you miss you. kekekeke. mmm, my favorite one is France = friendship remains and never can end.

So have you joined weibo yet???? =)

July 18, 2010




July 15, 2010

Fish Leong - 會呼吸的痛

Another favorite song of mine! The lyrics are soo heartbreaking! Aiiiii~

Here's a version by a contestant from One Million Star. I like the part where she sings "它活在我身上所有角落"~

Xu Jie,a phenomenal child singer! Listen to him tackle this song! Amazing kid!

July 13, 2010

Ivy Chen bags Best Actress award

Source : xinmsn.com

Her good friend and co-star Mark Zhao was less lucky, losing the Best Actor award to an 11-year-old new actor.

Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen clinches Taipei Film Festival's Best Actress award for her role in the movie Hear Me.

The relatively new actress, whose turn in the popular drama series Black & White propelled her to fame, was obviously unprepared as she fumbled over her acceptance speech on stage.

Later at a celebratory dinner, Ivy revealed that she was fiddling with her phone when the award winner was announced. In fact, she was so caught off guard that she forgot to thank her mother and brother.

As for the prize money of TWD100,000 (S$5000), Ivy said that she would do what her Black & White co-star, Mark Zhao, did and donate the prize money for the production of the movie version of Black & White.

One of the hot favourites for this year's awards is the movie Monga, but lead actors Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan lost the Best Actor Award to 11-year-old Bi Xiao Hai.

The movie's director Doze Niu who was tipped to win the Best Director award also went home empty-handed.

Congratsss to IVY!!! Great job!!! Looking forward to more of your dramas!

July 12, 2010

Salute Major Welch

I went hiking up Bear Mountain yesterday with the fruits, an arrow, and an unnamed friend! We actually made it all the way to the top! We're all first time hikers and we picked one of the hardest trails to travel on (People online say that it's not for novices like us) and we made it! We made it ALL the way to the top! It was an awesome feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! Woo! The view on the way up was stunning! We saw clouds, green mountains overlooking the Hudson River! Oh, beautiful! It would have been even MORE beautiful if the sun was setting in the background!

I've learned that hiking is like life.

Steep rocks: Whether in life or in hiking, there will be many obstacles but there will always be a way to get around it. Steep rocks, no problem!

Trail Marks: Trail marks = goals in life!

There were many times along the way where we wanted to give up and go back but thanks to the encouragement of fellow hikers, we continue to push forward, and push forward, and push until we reached the top where the vending machines magically appeared. Yes, that's right. Vending Machines at the top of the mountain!

July 07, 2010

Ady An in Three Lifetimes

In Qin Dynasty, Ady plays the role of Han Dong Er, a palace maid (I think...).

In 1900s, Dong Er reincarnates into Zhu Li Li. I personally do not like watching anything from this time period.

In present times, Zhu Li Li has reincarnated into Xu Xiao Jing. =D

She looks very different from Liang Mu Cheng~

张宇 - 用心良苦 (I Meant Well)

I REMEMBER THIS SONG FROM MY CHILDHOOD!!! OH MY, I AM OLD~! These past few months, I think I've been time traveling. Traveling backwards via old dramas and old songs! They are sooo good!!! Very disappointed in today's dramas, especially TVB dramas. Very very very sad...that their quality has dropped so much. Anywayssss~ here are the lyrics:

ni de lian you ji fen qiao cui

ni de yan you can liu de lei

ni de chun mei li zhong you gui bei

wo yong qu zheng ye de shi jian

xiang fen bian zai ni wo zhi jian

dao di shei hui ai shei duo yi dian

wo ning yuan kan zhu ni

shui de ru ci chen jing

sheng guo ni xing shi jue li ban wu qing

ni shuo ni xiang yao tao

pian pian zhu ding yao luo jiao

qing mie liao ai xi liao

sheng xia kong xin yao bu yao

chun yi zou hua you luo

yong xin liang ku que cheng kong

wo de tong zen me xing rong

yi sheng ai cuo fang ni de shou

wo de tong zen me xing rong

yi sheng ai cuo fang ni de shou

July 06, 2010

Bin Brothers show their support for Ady An’s new drama

Ady An was back in Taiwan to promote her drama Four Women Conflict (鎖清秋), which began airing in prime-time on CTV this week. Her TV son Xiao Xiao Bin and his brother Mini-Bin made a surprise appearance at the press conference as its special guests.

Ady Ann hadn''t seen the two boys since completing Autumn’s Concerto, but they didn't show any signs of forgetting her. The Bins gave her kisses and presented her with a flower bouquet, followed by doing a round of push ups and sit ups to show their “support”. With high hopes of being nominated at this year's Golden Bell Awards, Ady An said she hopes to walk down the red carpet with Van Ness Wu and Xiao Xiao Bin as the “Autumn’s Concerto” family.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, UDN
Credit: PA @ CpopAccess


July 04, 2010

張芸京-相反的我 Opposite Me

Another hit song from Zhang Yun Jing! She is on roll here!!! Woo!!! The opposite me... very thought provoking title...what would the opposite me be like? Hmmmmm...

A Summer's Sunset