June 02, 2010

Xiao Xiao Bin might miss his chance for Golden Bell recognition

Credit: PA @ CpopAccess

The super cute but super mature child star proved his acting chops last year in the hit drama Autumn’s Concerto. However, much to the surprise of many, Xiao Xiao Bin did not appear on the list that SETTV is submitting for Golden Bell (Taiwanese Emmys) consideration. SETTV’s deputy director of drama remained low-key and said nothing has been confirmed yet. In response, Xiao Xiao Bin’s manager joked, “Does the Government Information Office accept personal application? I'll submit his name then!”

Xiao Xiao Bin himself can probably care less about the Golden Bell since he’s too busy with acting, hosting, endorsements and countless appearances. He was joined by his dad Xiao Bin Bin in his latest commercial for a children’s fever cooling patch. The boy impressed everyone with tears falling from his eyes in 3 seconds for one scene. Even his dad was feeling a little worried, “Wa! That put me under a lot of pressure. I must be more serious, otherwise my son will outdo me.”

The 5 year-old Xiao Xiao Bin also got his “license” last week when he attended an event to promote road safety. Bin took a simulation road test at the new Road Safety Education Center. Although he had 32 points deducted in total, that didn't keep him from getting his sample license. Xiao Xiao Bin insisted that he drove over the lines because reporters were too eager to get a picture of him.

Motorcycle license always comes in handy in the crazy Taipei traffic.

Boys working overtime: Xiao Xiao Bin and Mini-Bin became one-day managers at a bakery event last week.

Awww, that's ok as long as Autumn's Concerto gets "Best Drama Award", everything is cool. I think not nominating him is a better choice because he's a kid and the pressure of winning or losing is just too much for a kid. Kids should do what kids do best, go outside and play~

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