June 29, 2010

Things to Look Forward to this Summer


Heroes of the Law (ATV) - Coming 7/30

I have no idea what this show is about. I only know that a lot of the cast from My Date With A Vampire is in it like Joey Meng, Kenneth Chan, and Pinky Cheung and that Joey Meng plays a forensic scientist. Hmm, the poster is really dark though, I wonder if this is going to be a "dark" series.

Twilight Investigation (TVB) - Hopefully Coming Soon

I am totally looking forward to watching this! I hope it comes out sooon, like how about releasing tomorrow, TVB!!! Linda Chunggg is in ittt and her role seems pretty darn funny, especially that scene of her where she fangirls Raymond Lam!!! HAHAHAAAA!!! I hope this series does NOT disappoint because all the other shows that came out this year were blahh...I had high expectations for them too but they let me down...so certainly hope this show won't disappoint. Yeahhh~

A Terracotta Warrior (CH) - Heard it'll be out this summer

Ady An!!! Terracotta Warriors!!! Awesome combination!!! Adyy, miss you miss you! Autumn's Concerto in my heart...always. Ahhhh~ this is my most anticipated show of the year!!!


Zhang Yun Jing - Coming 7/9

Yun Jing ah Yun Jing! You always surprise me! Your songs are awesome to listen too! Two singles are out already: Broken and Opposite Me. Both songs are out of this worldddd!!! I am definitely going for her album! On the side note, she does kinda look like Arron at same angle...

Raymond Lam - Coming Soon

I heard he's releasing a mandarin album this summer! Hehehehee!

Fahrenheit 4th Album - Last I heard it's coming on Jiro's birthday

It's been a year and a half since their last album came out!!! I miss hearing Arron's voice... and I also miss Jiro's old hair, his old hair was much cooler~


  1. I also miss aaron's voice! I love him:)

  2. Fahhhhrenheitttt~ <3