June 20, 2010

My Date with a Vampire MV

Been very busy preparing for a war with Linear Algebra. In the meanwhile, sit tight and enjoy this MV focusing on one of the most successful(popular, cool, dramatic,etc.) drama coming from HK. And it's not from TVB~. My Date with a Vampire!!! I would totally switch over to ATV just to watch this show. This show beats all current (and maybe past)shows from TVB.


  1. sighs....MDWAV...i remember when i first saw this...best thing ive ever seen from ATV.
    i still remember so vividly that moment in MDWAV 1 where ma siu ling cried a tear for fong tin yau...and then lost all of her powers. omg that was super unforgettable, i felt like i had been waiting for that moment, somehow knowing it would happen. and then when it finally happened, it was so heartbreaking!!

  2. awwwww, i remember that particular scene too! That was one of the best scenes from the MDWAV trilogy. I'm up to MDWAV III ep 16 now...but i don't want to continue...same reason as AC back then, i dun want to finish watching a good show. How I wish good shows would go on forever! Ma Siu Ling is sooo coollll!