June 23, 2010

Harlem Yue and Xiao S gears up for the 21st Golden Melody Awards

Source: XIN MSN
Credit: doraemon♥jay

Hosts Harlem Yu and Dee Hsu (more popularly known as Xiao S) may be experienced hosts but they can't help being nervous about their latest gig - the 21st Golden Melody Awards.

At a press conference yesterday, the pair revealed that Harlem had already fallen sick twice in the lead up to the awards show.

"Harlem went down with a bad cold twice already and he's still recovering from it. For me, I keep having pimples popping up on my face," says Xiao S.

Even then both hosts seem to be in a good mood, taking friendly jibes at each other.

Harlem took a dig at his fellow co-host, who was decked in an elegant green gown and jewellery worth TWD30m(S$2.5m), saying that "it's rare to see her dressed in a presentable manner".

Harlem himself sported a TWD27m ($S1.35m) diamond ring and a low-cut suit, leading reporters to quiz about the scar on his chest.

"It's a keloidal scar that I got a few years back when I injured myself while playing basketball."

Xiao S revealed that during rehearsals for a segment in the award show, she almost ripped her clothes when she got overly zealous in performing and her "left boob almost fell out."

The saucy comedian quipped that in the event that she really does expose herself, co-host Harlem Yu can use his hands to help her cover the vital 'points'.

"He can take it as an early Father's Day present I guess."

HAHAHAAAA! Xiao S, you are hilarioussss! I hope everything goes smoothly for the two of them! Hard work will pay off in the end! Jia You!

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