May 20, 2010

Xiu Jie Kai exhibits masculinity with beard; passionate kiss causes Megan Lai's lips to swell like a pig's lips

Source: nownews
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Xiu Jie Kai gives his all for TTV's 8pm primetime drama ! To fit into his role of a drifter, he not only kept a mustache, making him look decadent, he was also requested by the producer not to smile. Recently, the plot called for him and Megan Lai to kiss continuously building their ambiguous relationship; Megan Lai smiled helplessly, saying: "Every time my kiss with him ends, my lower lip will be like after exfoliation, swollen like a pig's lips."

The plot of TTV's 8pm drama revolves around the ups and downs of the relationship between mother-in-law Fang Fang and daughter-in-law Lin Mei Xiu, attracting many fans of that category. Besides that, the ambiguous relationship between the three main characters Xiu Jie Kai, Megan Lai and Pink Yang continue to escalate, receiving the attention of the younger audience. Netizens have also started pairing wars due to this, each supporting their own pair.

Compared to Pink Yang's young girl-having-a-crush on Xiu Jie Kai story, Megan Lai and Xiu Jie Kai's rapidly developing ambiguous relationship is definitely more passionate! Xiu Jie Kai says laughingly: "In this drama, Ya Yan has to take the initiative to kiss me quite a few times, it's definitely more flattering!"

In the drama, due to his father's death in an accident, which also left his brother retarded, Xiu Jie Kai's character goes gallivanting to release his pent-up sorrow, and escape from his mother's tears until Megan Lai's appearance, which made him discover himself anew. Xiu Jie Kai says: "When we kiss, it's always when I'm very sad, so on the filming set, no one would make any jokes, in addition Ya Yan and I would be getting into the mood, so there would be no smiles and our faces would be very sour; those who didn't know might have thought I have a bad relationship with her!"

Xiu Jie Kaii~~~~he's gotten more MAN with his mustache! And Megan Lai~ haven't seen her since White Robes of Love. They make a good coupleee in Rice Family!!! Megan Lai's character, Xin Ya, is hilariousss, especially when she flirts with the brother. Hahahaa!

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  1. but it swells even before the kiss ..