May 24, 2010

Waiting is a form of Happiness

Just finished watching the first episode of Mysteries of Love!!! It went by toooo fasttt! I loveeee itttt!!! I haven't seen Tavia and Raymond on screen for sooooo loooongggg! This drama has temporarily made me forget about not being able to go to the autograph session~

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  1. soooooo cute! i dont know if it's because i love the cast too much or if ive just been waiting too long or what, but major fangirling mode has officially been kickstarted! love ray and tavia and love kenneth and bernice! also...the themesong is very is the mv playing at the end credits! i wonder if thats gonna be the tvb version mv of the song? if so, then tavia finally gets to be the lead in one of ray's mvs!! ive been waiting for something like this for soooo long!