May 31, 2010

S.H.E take on Taipei Arena; Selina's boyfriend: Wife, I love you

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

Last night, when S.H.E emerged from a corolla 6 stories high and looked down at their 10,000 fans in Taipei Area, they truly established their position as the Mandarin music industry's "Heavenly Queen Group", and Selina's boyfriend shouting "Wife, I love you" was definitely the climax of the evening.

These three people have grown up, become sexy, but the affection and chemistry between them are proof that in their little universe, their harmonious relationship has not changed at all in the past 9 years.

Last night, among the guests was a special Mr. Zhang Cheng Zhong. He is Selina's boyfriend and during the second encore, he suddenly came up, holding a note that was moist from sweat and looking towards the stage he said, "I hope that S.H.E will not have to stop singing because of me," then following that he shouted, "Wife, I love you!" Selina was so shocked she started crying, then yelled, "Mom!", causing lots of cheering from the audience below.

This is already the 6th stop and the 7th concert of the "S.H.E Is The One" tour, it has been 4 years since S.H.E have performed at Taipei Arena, when they emerged, they displayed all their power as music queens and the fans became subjects looking up at the charm of their idols, "Superstar" was the anthem of their nation, establishing the atmosphere for the concert. They are a girl group that has been around 9 years yet S.H.E and their fans have such cohesion, Selina cried again during their 5th song.

Selina and Hebe secretly planned a celebration in advance for Ella's June 18 birthday, Ella originally tried not to cry when she realised how thoughtful her 'sisters' were, but when they sang "Wife", she couldnn't help but cry until even her nose went completely red. Following this, the three superstar mothers also had a surprise in store, first they played a pre-recorded VCR expressing how much they love their daughters, that they wanted their daughters to "come home when you're tired", then in a blink of an eye, they became "S.H.E. superstar mom version", singing "Not Yet Lovers", making S.H.E who were totally not expecting this, all end up crying. then their tears turned into laughter. The three girls cried very easily last night, there were many occasions when they had to ask their makeup artist Du Guo Zhang to come onstage to help them reapply their makeup in front of the audience.

The costumes were extravagant and surprises were numerous, but the focus was still on S.H.E's singing and dancing, the girls showed that they've become mature women now, showing their sexiness, revealing their shoulders and legs, twisting their hips. However, their conversations were very random and strange, when Selina finished the difficult dance, she cried, shouting, "Aiyo, now everyone can see that I'm wearing eyeliner." She also said to fans, "Even though I haven't showed you the tightest flesh, because I was skinnier in Hong Kong, I still gave you all a passionate heart."

Last night, Show Luo sent flowers, Taipei's mayor Hao Long Bin, Wang Wei Zhong, Kevin Tsai, Terri Kwan, Zhang Qiong Zi, Jiro Wang, Yoga Lin, Tank, Yan Zhi Lin and S.H.E's many family members also came to support them.

OMG! That's soo coool! Congrats Selena! I watched the clip where he came out from the audience and said all those sweet things to Selena~ it was like watching a drama~ life in drama, drama in life~ wooo~

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