June 22, 2010

Rice Family Ratings~

Ratings@Rice Family's FB

Episode 1: 1.34
Episode 2: 1.43
Episode 3: 1.46
Episode 4: 1.45
Episode 5: 1.62
Episode 6: 1.80
Episode 7: 1.56
Episode 8: 1.71
Episode 9: 1.65
Episode 10: 1.70
Episode 11: 1.81
Episode 12: 1.85
Episode 13: 1.52
Episode 14: 1.66
Episode 15: 1.72
Episode 16: 1.98
Episode 17: 1.69
Episode 18: 1.62
Episode 19: 1.78
Episode 20: 1.84
Episode 21: 1.60
Episode 22: 1.82
Episode 23: 2.05
Episode 24: 1.91
Episode 25: 1.68

Episode 13 Comments: Awww, the ratings went down a bit! I'm a bit sad~ I thought episode 13 would have reached the 2s because this was by far the best episode (at least for Xin Ya and Yi Wu shippers~). The opening of the episode was a tear jerker with Yi Wu Ge breaking down and Xin Ya coming to his rescue~ There's also a BIG spoiler in this episode.

Episode 15 Comments: Wheee~ the ratings went up again! This episode's rice was bittersweet. There's the cold war that erupted between Jenny and her younger sister, Shirley. Then there was the misunderstanding between the mother and the daughter-in-law. And last, the sweet parts covered by Xin Ya and Yi Wu and Xin Ya and Charles.

Episode 16 Comments: Holy Moly!!! Just a tiny step away from 2! I cried my eyes out watching this episode. Qiu Ma Ma finally put down her baggage and reconciled with her son. Now they are a happy family of three! Hopefully, they'll turn from happy family of three to happy family of four with the addition of Yan Xin Ya~ woo! Qiu Ma Ma also passes her shop to her two sons and Kwan Ma Ma. That makes two happy mothers. Unfortunately, another mother, Ai Qi, caught her husband in bed with another woman. She lost her son and now her husband. She ends up in the hospital after her son finds her unconscious in her office (she tried to suicide with sleeping pills). Son and mother reunite and go past their misunderstandings. Awwwww~

Episode 17-19 Comments: The episodes that keep you crying and crying...

Episode 20 Comments: I'm starting to worry about Xin Ya and Yi Wu. They have SO many obstacles ahead...Xiao Yu, Yi Wu's son, Xin Ya's Mom, time...they only have one year because Xin Ya is going to study in the US after one year. And Yi Wu's son...who knows if that is true ot not...sounds true but really doubt it...*sigh*

Random Comment: Congratsss to Rice Family for breakinggg 2!!!!!

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