May 21, 2010

My Current Drama Playlist

Rice Family

"Rice Family" is a very warm and friendly Taiwan sitcom and it's my first Taiwan sitcom. I recognize a lot of people in here! Kekeke! But the person that attracted me to this sitcom is Xiu Jie Kai! The first time I saw him was in "I'm Not So Handsome" and ever since then I've been keeping an eye on him. And sure enough, he did impressive job acting as Agent Xiao Ma in "Black and White"! This time, in Rice Family he has a completely different image!!! He has a mustache, he suddenly looks sooo mannn!

I like his pairing with Megan Lai! They are so funny especially right now where Megan thinks Ah Xiu likes her and tells him she can't accept his love. He just stands there and laughs about it because it's all a misunderstanding and he kinda plays along too! She gets all awkward when he's around~ HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Year of the Rain

"Year of the Rain" is the drama that is produced by Van Ness Wu and directed by Chen Hui Ling, the "Autumn's Concerto" director. Expect the same kind of darkness from "Autumn's Concerto". In "Autumn's Concerto", the instrument was the piano. In "Year of the Rain", the instrument is the saxophone. I think this can be dubbed as "Winter's Concerto".

Calling For Love

"Calling for Love" is a drama that's long overdue! It was suppose to come out a month earlier than "Autumn's Concerto" but due to conflicts in China, the airing date was postpone to now. The first episode aired this past Sunday and it's pretty good! The beginning was pretty funny with all the fans scrambling into taxis to chase their beloved idol!!! Fan fever!!! I think all AC fans understand their Bo Ye disease, it's just like our AC disease. It was so funny when the two fans started screaming for joy when they force Chen De Xing to admit that she got poisoned with Bo Ye disease. The other funny scene was when the other taxi driver parked his car, opened his door, and then a motorcycle crashed his door!!! Oh man, I have to make caps~ hahahahaaaa! OoooO, can't wait for episode 2 to come out!

O.L. Supreme

"O.L. Supreme" is a TVB modern day sitcom revolving around the lives of office workers. The first few episodes are little boring because they are setting up all the characters and stuff but it does get funnier and better after Mother Queen and Daughter Music make up. I think all the characters in this show has weird names. Like, the head secretary is called Queen, the male CEO is called Susan, the manager of Properties is called Summer, the ad manager is called Music, the guy secretary is called Leven (Eleven - E), etc.

Yea...the most interesting storyline so far goes to Sire Ma and Ron Ng. I believe this is Sire's first TVB series and she's pretty good, and her character's past is a total mystery. She has a knife scar on her back shoulder, I suspect she was either in a gang or she was in an abusive family where she has to learn to fight and defend herself. As for Ron, he gets a total makeover here as the extremely shy bus lover. He should really be a bus driver instead of an office worker. Innocent shy boy + seemingly innocent secretary with secret past = interesting

My favorite storyline is the one where the Big Boss comes and makes all the secretaries switch roles with their bosses for a week! So all the secretaries become managers and all the managers become secretaries! This is called learning to think in other people's shoes. All the managers realize how tough it is to be secretaries! Hahahahaaa~

Fly With Me

"Fly With Me" is a supernatural TVB drama about a middle age woman who slips through death's grip and comes back alive with an alternate ego with super powers. When I saw the trailers for this drama, I was really excited...but high expectations comes with high disappointments. The first episode was interesting and then the plot line kinda went flat until this week where Yvonne and Janet Bin (Yvonne's alter ego) go against each other! I want to know how they are going to end this. How are they going to get rid of Janet Bin without hurting Yvonne. I'm thinking that they have to shoot some more bullets at the butterfly mark, Janet Bin's weakness. But if they do that, Yvonne will die! Of course, there's always a possibility, that all this Janet Bin thing is just a dream. Yvonne got into a serious car accident before the Janet Bin thing started...maybe Yvonne is actually in coma and just dreaming about becoming Janet Bin...


  1. Woah! Are you watching ALL of them? Hahaha


    Yes, I am~ I dun even noe where I find the time to watch them all~ hahahaha