May 02, 2010

Fistful Of Stances Review

This drama is the best drama that TVB has released so far this year! I stayed up two nights to chase it! The storyline is well thought, well planned, and well acted. But I never planned to watch this until last Friday, the day that TVB replaced dramas with the Shanghai Expo and left me with nothing to watch. So to fill in my empty drama slots, I decided to give this show a chance since I heard positive reviews and saw skyrocketing ratings.

When this drama first came out, I looked at it and decided to give it a pass because I don't like watching dramas from that time period, the transition period between ancient times and modern times. That time period is just unattractive to me. Good thing I decided to pick this one up again otherwise I would have missed one of the best dramas from TVB. Don't judge by cover.

The story mainly revolves around the Koo family and an unsolved family murder case. Long story made short: Koo Gramps and wife killed by evil disciple Tak, Koo Dad and Koo Mom tests Tak and finds out he is the killer. Koo Dad goes after Tak with another disciple and both Koo Dad and disciple mysteriously disappear. Koo Son #1 and #2 get kidnapped, son #2 gets saved. Years later, Tak is at the top of society while Koo family is still alive and hanging in there. Then many things happen. Watch it to find out! Guarantee you won't be disappointed!

The acting in this show is pretty decent! Dominic aces his villainous role, as the evil disciple Wing Tak! Hong Yee (from Moonlight Resonance) has met her match! They both fall under the clear headed and clever type of villains. I kind of feel bad for Tak in the beginning because everything was going the wrong way for him. Got a position in the imperial court but then empire collapses, gets bullied by many people, constantly living in the memories of the past. It would have taken a lot of swallowing of pride to stay a "good" person however, Tak is a very prideful man.

Kenneth Ma. I like watching him. His character likes to turn many corners but when he drives a point home, it's always bulls eye! Always! He is like a psychiatrist, always able to read others and make witty plans that go along with people's behavior. He's also a very strong kung fu master but is limited by his random and rather severe asthma attacks.

Ram Tseung. My favorite character~ He is a master of the "Iron Sand Fist", a very powerful fist that can cause internal bleeding. It would be devastating if such a skill were to fall into the hands of an evil master. Good thing Ram took Kenneth's brother as his disciple and not Tak's son. But although Ram is the almighty master, he is a servant to his wife. Hehehe, cute! It was sad when he passed away due to heart problems.

Sorry...I'm going to cut this short cuz I'm tired of writing any further. The relationships in this show...well, go see for yourself and judge. It's definitely worth a watch.


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