April 19, 2010

A Yin-Yang Fresh Beginning

Woo! New layout! The old layout was getting boring so I changed it at the cost of not seeing the beautiful blue Autumn's Concerto banner every time I visit my blog. But it's ok, as long as it's in the heart.

Mmmm, this new layout is just simple black and white with a tint of blue. There's a new navigation bar at the top but there's not much stuff there because I don't know what I want to put there yet. I'm sure there will be some more goodies on that bar in the future. Any suggestions?


  1. I was sad to see your Autumn's Concerto background gone but it's true what you said as long as "it's still in our hearts". I, too, miss AC A LOT! Every now and then, I will rewatch the whole drama. Yet, it's not completely satisfying because I want more of Mu Chen and Guang Xi! Thanks for all your dedication on updating us on our AC!