April 02, 2010

Van Ness Wu wants to pick up groceries in 007 style

Source : UDN

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Van Ness Wu was invited by Jaeger-LeCoutre to model their Amvox2 DBS Transponder watch, which was especially designed for Aston Martin DBS owners. Unlike traditional car keys, a DBS owner can now lock or unlock their car door with the watch, and then walk (in slow-mo) towards their car like 007 without fishing for those silly keys.

Van Ness Wu looked like an Asian 007 in his white suit standing beside the ultra luxurious car. He said he would be very interested to play the character, because “being able to drive in high speed is a lot of fun.” However, playing 007 means he will be surrounded by women, doesn’t that go against his faith? He said, “That depends on the script.” He played with the watch many times and even joked, “Going out for groceries like this, there will be no need for car keys.”

The grocery shopping 007 isn't exactly what most people have in mind, so host Dennis Nieh quickly said, “007 can quickly get into his car when he's chased by criminals.” Van Ness Wu added, “Or when being chased by paparazzi.”

Van Ness Wu revealed that he likes to collect watches, with design and functionality as the main focuses. His most expensive watch up to now cost several hundred thousands. At the event yesterday, Van Ness was fully dressed in Gucci, but he wasn’t satisfied with the shoes the organizers arranged for him, so he wore his own sneakers. A reporter asked him if he has gotten his eyes done recently. He repeated several times that hasn’t had any surgery, and said “the body given by God should not be easily altered.”


Mrs. 007: *with electrifying eyes* That watch would look great on my wrist, don't you think?

Mr. 007: I'll give you my watch and in return, you go shopping for groceries with me~

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