April 26, 2010

Studying Music

Finals are coming up soon! It's that time of the school semester again where we have to throw ourselves into the books and lock ourselves in the towers. Well, I don't know about you but I can't study at home in silence. If I have to study at home, I have to music or a drama playing in the background. If I'm at school, I have to study in silence. Hahaha, weird. Anyways, here are my 3 must have study music!

1) Kenny G - The Moon Represents My Heart

A calming saxophone instrumental version of Teresa Teng's classic, "The Moon Represents My Heart".

2) Flying Daggers Theme Song

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a lullaby. hahaha. It's called studying music that brings you into studying mode.

3) Kiss the Rain

My first studying music, A serendipitous encounter, Beautiful~


  1. 月亮代表我的新!

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  3. These are two really nice songs:



    The second one is by the guy who composed "Kiss the Rain".

    Hope you like them! :D

  4. My bad I meant that xin xD

  5. hehee! Thanks for sharing Connie! I heard the second one before, "River Flows in You". It's another beautiful piece!