April 13, 2010

Sat in the City 01

Hahahahahaaa! Owww, my stomach hurts from laughingg!!! This is soo funnnyyy! This is a segment from a newly released TVB variety show that focuses on making parodies~ Hahaha! The title "Sat in the City" = America's "Sex in the City", the character Excellent aka Da Ex = Da S, the character Handelababy = Angelababy, the character Hungry = ???.

In this episode of "Sat in the city", topic ranges from botox to "first time".
Hahaha, the "first time" convo was hilariouss! Da Ex tells her sisters that she had her first time last month. Her sisters, Handelababy and Hungry, are so happy for her and asks for a detailed description of it. And Da Ex tells them that it was tiring and sweaty and lasted for four hours. Hungry was so shocked, she asked, "Who in this world have so much energy to last for four hours?!?! Who's the person?" Da Ex replies, "At the time it was very dark, there were too many people, I forgot." Hungry and Handelababy are both shocked! Handelababy says, "At first, I felt happy for you, but you gave your first time to so many people at once,I'm so sad,I despise you now." Hungry joins in, "I despise you too! So many people, so much fun and you didn't even call me up!" Da Ex says, "But it was advertised in the newspaper." Double shocker for Hungry! "Advertised? These things need to be advertised?!?!!?" "Of course, my first time running the marathon and even I know (it's advertised), but you don't know? You're thinking too much! " HAHAHAHAAA!

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  1. Excellent is: Michelle lo (low mik suet) a former commercial radio 2 disc jockey. Currently artist manager of Isabella leong