April 27, 2010

Peter Ho makes special appearance on Aaron Yan's new drama

Credit: fufu@CpopAccess
Source: Appledaily TW

Four years ago, when Kris Shen (AK) was filming the movie Spider Lilies, Peter Ho had once visited the set. After being acquainted with director Zero Zhou (周美玲), Peter and the director expressed their interest in working together, but the opportunity didn’t come until now. In director Zhou’s new work on PTS, “死 神少女” (roughly translates to Death Goddess) starring Aaron Yan and Serena Fang (房思瑜), Peter accepted a small special guest role without a second thought before even negotiating the price. In addition to fulfilling his wish of working with the director, taking on the role was also to show his support to his juniors, AK (Kris Shen and Andy Chen), who are also participating in the drama. Peter later learned that he is to play a rather interesting role - which is one that commits incest. He will appear in a span of two episodes.

It was Peter’s first time meeting Aaron Yan yesterday at the press conference. Peter complimented Aaron on his good manners and politeness, and Aaron immediately responded, “My mom likes you a lot!” Aaron plays a character that is diagnosed with a brain tumor. In order to act out his character that often has headaches, he specially went to Wu Chun for help. Aaron explained, “Wu Chun often has headaches, so I can just observe his expression when his head hurts.” Serena Fang on the other hand, plays a female ghost in the drama. She revealed that most of her scenes require her to be on wires, and one time, she was flying on wires six stories high that caused great pain.

Oh! So that's Arron's new drama, Death Goddess! Sounds interesting, wonder what's it about? And gosh, I don't whether to laugh or not when Arron decides to go to Chun to "observe his expression when his head hurts"...kekeke


  1. it would make more sense if GUI GUI was the female lead!

  2. it would make more sense if GUI GUI was the female lead!