April 09, 2010

New March 2010 Birthday List

Picture: http://thecookduke.com/gift-wrapped-cake/

March 1: Blue Lan (TW)
March 2: Sharon Tang (HK)
March 4: Alex Fong (HK)
March 6: Xiu Jie Kai (TW)
March 9: Ronald Cheng (HK)
March 10: Ms. Kiwi (Parfait Place)
March 10: Cecilia Liu (CH)
March 12: Vicki Zhao (CH)
March 14: Liang Mu Cheng (TW)
March 18: Christine Fan (TW)
March 20: Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (HK)
March 22: Yoo Ha Na (KR)
March 23: Edwin Siu (HK)
March 24: Eddie Peng (TW)
March 30: Hebe Tian (TW)
March 31: Bondy Chiu (HK)

hehehe...oops, forgot to post this up before! Well, here it is! Happy Belated Birthday everyoneee! Special Shout out to Liang Mu Cheng: Miss you, miss you! Happy belated birthday! How's Xiao Leee?!?!?!?!! May all your future stops be happiness!!!


  1. that reminds me, why was it +11? (for mu cheng's birthday)

  2. Taiwan follows a different calendar which calculates the year differently. The difference in years between that calendar and the western calendar is 11 years.