April 09, 2010

New April 2010 Birthday List

April 7: Jackie Chan (HK)
April 9: Linda Chung (HK)
April 9: Janine Chang (TW)
April 11: Ya Tou (TW)
April 14: Wang Zi (TW)
April 16: Moses Chan (HK)
April 17: Cutie Mui (HK)
April 17: Ding Dang (TW)
April 22: Alice Ceng (TW)
April 26: Flora Chan (HK)

Happy Birthdayy all April people! Happy Birthdayyy Lindaaaa and Janineee!!! Can't wait to watch Linda onscreen on again!!! Linda + Steven!!!! Wooo~

Btw, that is a wicked candle up there! It's a lotus candle that blasts fire, sings happy birthday, lights up candles, and opens up like a lotus. Wickedddd...

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