April 24, 2010

Fahrenheit: What they carry

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Translated by nastyhobbit @AsianFanatics

It’s said that Fahrenheit don’t get along? Sorry, but I don’t believe it! Seeing them goof around in private, I could clearly see they’re having lots of fun! The most vulnerable, Wu Chun, not surprisingly turned into everyone’s target of “bullying”, when his reply is not good enough, everyone would immediately reprimand him then and there, it’s truly like deep brotherly feelings ah!

Calvin Chen loves “face” the most, Da Dong most pays attention to body and health (and also frequently speaks out to help Wu Chun out of an awkward situation, so who says they don’t get along?), Wu Chun is the most aware of safety. As for Arron Yan? It seems he’s like a carefree, worry-free “kid”. The “adults” say, he’s in charge of vocal accompaniment.

Calvin Chen: Moisturizing cream and face mask

When I asked Fahrenheit what they bring with them when they go traveling, the four immediately started speaking at the same time. Computer! Cellphone! Camera! (All electronics ah!) So sorry, but can you guys reply one by one?

That day’s most expert at leading the mood, Calvin Chen, started with, “I have to say something especially good. I would bring moisturizing cream and face mask.” (The other 3 immediately laughed out loud.) “Because we frequently fly to many places, and each city’s climate is different. Sometimes it’s too cold and too dry, the face would crack and peel and whatnot, the lips would also be very dry. So a moisturizer is a must-have la!” Calvin Chen later still wisely said, “If I may offer a bit of advice to everybody... When you’re flying, you must use ample moisturizer kung fu!” Then he added, “Having said that, I’m sorry! I need some time to apply this face mask.” Then he turned around as if to do so. (Hey, if you dare to actually apply a face mask right here right now, I’ll bow to you in admiration.)

Da Dong: Power twister bar

Having heard this, Da Dong immediately had his own “childhood memories” to share. “I remember when we were filming KO One before, I also brought face mask to the film set.” Calvin Chen very bluntly teased, “Jiro Wang! What childhood memories? He (pointing to Arron Yan) was there, I was also there. That’s a childhood memory?”

To be more creative, everyone started to banter randomly, even Wu Chun imitated a hungry expression and said, “May I ask, if you’ve finished with the cucumber and eggs on your face, can I eat half?” Da Dong didn’t pay attention to his joke, minding his own business and said, “Once I took a power twister bar with me to train my pectoral muscles. In the end they took it.” He expressed, “This training equipment is very convenient, sometimes you have to rush work and there’s no time to go to the gym. So this way is very good, I can carry it with me wherever I go!”

When Da Dong finished his reply, Calvin Chen had his chance to attack Wu Chun, “We already said our piece. Let Wu Chun talk!” The prepared Wu Chun answered, “I already thought of something!”

Arron Yan: Guitar

At this moment, Arron Yan was already itching to give his answer. “Electronics I have to bring with me!” The others shouted, “You can’t say electronics la!” Arron said, “Oh, okay then! Recently when we go overseas I bring a guitar with me. Because recently I’m practicing playing the guitar.”

Wu Chun: Pen and paper

Wu Chun said, “Now it’s my turn! I’ll say, a wristwatch!” (as a result he was scolded quite badly) The other 3 were talking all at once, “Oh please! Everybody wears this ah!” “That’s right! Isn’t a wristwatch a body part?” “This doesn’t count, this doesn’t count! Say something else!”

At this time Calvin Chen said, “Wu Chun, you might as well say you carry your brain with you out the door!”

So Wu Chun tried hard and said, “Can I say wallet?” (Everyone once again scolded him violently and teased him, “It would be better if you say a flashlight or toilet paper.”) When he heard “paper”, the always busy managing his gym business online with his laptop big boss Wu Chun’s eyes shone brightly and said, “Then I bring pen and paper, yeah. Because my memory is bad, sometimes when I’m on the road or in a car, when I think of something I write it down immediately.”

Arron Yan exposed him and said, “He really would bring a flashlight. Quickly ask him!”

Calvin Chen: “That’s right! Because he’s afraid the hotel would have a blackout, or be on fire.”

Da Dong: “He is always vigilant la!”

Wu Chun: “My dad even told me I should bring fire protection when I go out.”

Da Dong: “I boil my own stuff. So I bring a water heater with me when overseas.” (Beside him, Calvin Chen repeatedly nodded.) “And also my nutritionist said I should drink a lot of chicken soup for my health. So after that I had to bring my own electric kettle.”

Wu Chun: “Then where do you buy the chicken?” (The other 3 couldn’t help but laugh at this food lover, “Wu Chun! Don’t talk anymore!”) Calvin Chen expressed, “When you go abroad, you might as well just buy chicken soup. Don’t trouble yourself like this!”

When I asked Fahrenheit whose luggage is the heaviest, everyone said one after another: Wu Chun and Da Dong. Arron Yan: "Wu Chun's luggage is overweight, I kindly volunteer to carry some of his luggage. But instead I'm being pulled by his luggage."

Wu Chun: "Because my home in Taiwan is very small, but I have a lot of stuff. So I have to bring them back many times to Brunei.And also I would go shopping to buy stuff for my dad in Brunei. But when I go back to Taiwan my luggage is quite light."

Not allowed to be hungry Wu Chun

There was only 10 minutes in the interview, Fahrenheit looked a little tired. as expected they still managed the weird questions, a talent that makes them rather "dynamic".

Fahrenheit came to Malaysia to attend a press conference, after that accepted 6 exclusive interviews one after another. We dislike having only 10 minutes to ask, but 6 groups added together ate up an hour of Fahrenheit's time. So I heard the youngest Arron Yan ask their manager, "Can this wait until we had time to go back to the hotel?" The manager said, "There's no time. We have to go immediately to the next event." Arron Yan still said there's time, Wu Chun sitting beside him impatiently said, "Then there's no time to eat?"

When asked what they'll miss about Malaysia, Fahrenheit was enumerating them, they repeatedly mention Malaysian food. The usually always in a good mood Wu Chun suddenly said, "Just like now, we're sacrificing our eating time to have this interview with you." Once these words came out, the other 3 "scolded" him, "How can you say this ah?" Then as if a wronged child, Wu Chun explained, "I'm such a young kid."

But I remember when I promptly called a halt to the interview, Fahrenheit's 4 all simultaneously clapped their hands in "celebration" that they finally finished the media interview. They all spoke in unison and politely said, "Thank you!" But I vaguely heard someone on my far left cheer in a low voice? (That's right! Wu Chun! I'm talking to you.)

Hahahahaa~ Never keep Wu Chun from his food or else he turn into a beast! Calvin is very witty and humorous here!

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