April 11, 2010

Fahrenheit wants to return to the past

Source: chinapress
Translated by nastyhobbit@AsianFanatics and gigi@Fahrenheit-Globa1

When work is over, classes are over, and return home, we love to hold the TV remote control, press left, press right, looking for our favorite shows or movies to watch. So have you also had the fantasy that you have a magic remote control that gives you the power to travel back and forth in time, how will you use this power?

Can it be that when you usually watch TV, you would randomly watch all places, or would carefully go over past memories to give an impression of the future? Actually such fantasies can test your innermost feelings, what you truly want the most, what is most unforgettable, and what you most regret…

If you want to know, you can follow Fahrenheit’s “remote control universe”, explore their innermost depths, and also find out your own innermost desire!

Magic remote control gives you magic powers
1. Can travel back and forth in the past and future
2. Use the magic wand to talk about love
All four FRH members want to use the magic remote control to travel back to the past, because the most beautiful time is when they were simplest and most carefree!
They want to return to the past and see the footsteps they previously made, make up for unfinished business, and once again repeat the happy feelings of childhood and being in love for the first time.

Calvin Chen: Happier childhood times

I don’t want to know what will happen in the future, because of course I want to seize each day, and do each thing well. As for what will happen, it depends on how you live your life in the present, you will just know it! But if I were to choose, I will choose to return to my childhood, because that time was rather happy, the life in school is carefree and without worries. As well I have memories of going on trips with my family, I would want to return to that time and see it again.

Wu Chun: Wants to enjoy the past a bit longer

I also want to return to the past, because I had a lot of things I didn’t treasure in my childhood. So I would want to go back and experience my childhood again, then shoot many many pictures hahaha. Because I had very few photos in my childhood, so in the future I would want to take many many pictures of my children, so when they grow up they will know their growing up process. (Jiro Wang: If they don’t want to take pictures, you will force them! Hahaha!) Besides that, I also want to go back to the past to experience some beautiful times, I will enjoy it a bit more, and make the feelings last a bit longer! (At this moment, Jiro, Calvin and Arron were already making a commotion saying: Last long? What thing do you want to last long? Hmm? Say it clearly ah…) Nothing ah, then I think the remote control ah, about falling in love (suddenly the red-faced Chun boldly said one sentence), what ah! Such a thing, I can’t continue la…

Calvin Chen: Unforgettable first love

Oh right, I forgot to talk about love! To add (speaking while looking at Wu Chun) about love, it’s just like his one (Wu Chun: You ah! You’re certainly even worse than I!), just like wanting to enjoy those short few seconds… the feeling of being in love (Wu Chun: 你皮養是嗎?) (Once again the whole group laughs out loud) , just like returning to that high school love, every day being single-heartedly devoted to that other person, that first love, (Wu Chun: Oh, is it?) yeah, like enjoying those short few seconds of happiness, (Wu Chun: What? What’s a few seconds…) I’m talking about those few seconds of the first kiss…

Jiro Wang: Afraid of getting hurt again

I also want to return to my childhood because it's the most carefree life for everyone. At that time, there's no worries. You went home with your classmates everyday, and you got a long well with your family. During school break, you'd go out to play. You felt happy everyday.

I wish to go back to that junior high school sweet love and yet afraid to get hurt. Then we took the bus together and fell asleep on her shoulder... I feel that it's a pure and unforgettable memory. That's why I want to return to that simple/pure time.

Arron Yan: Love can't be forced

I also want to return to the past, then hit the pause button, pause that moment! Because sometimes in life, there's something you don't want to forget, then I can press the pause button to stop and enjoy that feeling. It doesn't matter if it's happy or sad, you just want to fully experience the feelings.

I'm not too demanding toward love. I will let go of the past if needed, and I will not constantly ponder over it. There will be a lot of memory in my heart, but if you keep thinking about it, you will lock yourself up!

(Actually before Arron joined Fahrenheit, there's one close girlfriend. But that girlfriend died because of a car accident, which seemingly making Arron deeply cherish this love that was not meant to be.

Reportedly, two days before his girlfriend died, they got into an argument but then got back together again. That's why he always wished to return to that time and complete the unfinished love experience.

Then there's another rumor saying that the stud earring on his left ear is from that girlfriend. He never takes it off after she passed away. It seems like he still wants to remember something...)

What kind of love do you want?

Calvin Chen: Long-lasting romance

I think now I wanna talk about is… (the other 3 members looking at him) why are you always looking at me? I want to find a person whose values are very lose to mine, about a very romantic (looking at Wu Chun smiling), very… long-lasting love. Because now I’m no longer that guy in senior high who can talk on and on about love. Now the most important thing is to have a deep, long-lasting romantic relationship.

Jiro Wang: Wants lots of kids

I want to get married and have a brood of kids. (Calvin: Wow, a brood!) That’s right. Because I was an only child, so I felt quite bored as a kid, so I don’t want my future children to be bored. So I want many of them to keep each other company. I also want to keep dogs. (Calvin: Don’t you want to keep pigs instead? (eyes looking at Wu Chun)) (Wu Chun: Eh, keeping pigs, you need to give it a lot of food ah!) (Arron: He (the pig) will scrounge for food la!) That’s right. Keeping pigs, I can slaughter them later to eat hahaha. I would like to have “3 generations living in one roof”, I want to enjoy the feeling of that kind of family and happy marriage, I’m looking forward to this kind of marriage.

Wu Chun: Wish for a good friend

I wish my partner is my girlfriend and good friend. It’s that type who can become my other half. (For example?) It’s very difficult to give an example… (Calvin: Don’t say la, otherwise it will be a headline la!) Very difficult to answer, eh I want to call Da Dong to answer this la. (Da Dong: Okay I’ll answer! Someone just like my mother…) (Calvin: He (Da Dong) has an Oedipus complex la!)

Arron Yan: Thinking about her everyday

Like (David?) Tao's MV said, if you can let the girl return to the feeling of 16 years old time, then it's right. I think it's a very touching feeling because you can really feel that tugging love. For this person, I would think about her everyday. Even during class, I would write her name on my notebook. This kind of feeling will slowly dissipate over time, but thinking back again, you will feel that's the kind of love you want to cherish the most (Jiro: true love, true love).

(It seems like Arron is still deeply engrossed in that love that can't be continued...never wakes up...)

Arronn~~~ jia you!!!

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  1. Awww I like this! I can relate to Calvin's happier childhood times most. School now is SO MUCh more stressful compared to school back then, which I thought was very stressful... -.-'

    Also, they need to get girlfriends ASAP. Lol. And stop daydreaming so much xD