April 19, 2010

An Evil Woman

So lately, there was an explosive live on-air battle between #1 host Xiao S and infamous female reporter Zhou over the Blackie's Love Life charity T-Shirts. A magazine exposed that only 100NTD of the 580NTD that shirt sells for goes to charity while the rest goes to Blackie's company. A live on-air discussion panel was planned and Zhou was one of guest. And on the show, she outrightly called Blackie's charity efforts hypocritical and requested him to apologize and stop "cheating" people. Well, obviously, this lady has never done charity work before. T shirts cost money. Advertisement for charity costs money. Perhaps Blackie didn't clarify how the funds were being used but she went overboard for outright calling him a hypocrite and demanding him to apologize. Apologize for WHAT? For giving the kids hope? For spreading a positive idea? For doing charity?

I wasn't the only one enraged by her outrageous accusations. Xiao S called in to the discussion show and supported her good friend, Blackie. She expressed her opinion on Zhou's accusation and called Zhou's claims evil for belittling someone who's working hard to bring hope to kids. Now here's the thing that really ticked me off. Xiao S attacked Zhou's accusation calling it evil and Zhou, once she heard the word "evil" requested Xiao S to take it back. Zhou said that because Xiao S is a mother, she cannot use the word "evil" (
邪惡). Dot Dot Dot. Since when are mommies not allowed to use the word "evil"(邪惡)? She makes no sense. And then, to make matters worse, Zhou attacked Xiao S (for using 邪惡) indirectly using Xiao S' daughters. She said, "I feel regretful for your two daughters." WTFFFFF!!! That is 邪惡.

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  1. She is such a bitch. I bet she said all those things to get herself more publicity. Whose the real hypocrite hmmm? If you look at the comments on youtube, many fans from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have left positive statements of 黑人 and his charity. All the girls from 黑澀會美眉 also regard him as a father because he takes care of all of them. I don't see how a person with such a good heart could be considered 邪惡. 黑人 has to pay the celebrities a price for their appearance in his ads. He has to pay for the ads alone and the production of the shirt. If you add that all up he's actually losing money for his company. Donating $100 for every shirt is already a lot. I'm sure there are a lot more expensive shirts out there and those shirts don't even donate anything.

    This woman needs to get her facts straight and I think she owes an apology to 黑人, 小S, and 小S's daughters also. All those things she said about them are ridiculous.