April 28, 2010

Aaron Yan and Serena Fang have a ghostly romance mid-air

Source: epochtimes
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Serena Fang will be acting as a goddess of death involved in a romance with the human Aaron, and to enhance her ghostly role, she will be suspended in mid-air for most of the day and have to further the romance in a tree with him. She joked that since the start of filming, her foot has never been able to touch the ground!

PTS' "Goddess of Death" will be holding a press conference today (27th) that will include attendees such as Serena, Aaron, Lollipop's Wang Zi and Ah Ben, Chanel (Xiao) Man, and (zeropointsix) Andy Chen etc. Death goddess Serena revealed that her feet haven't touched the ground since "because every entrance and exit scene I have to 'fly' in". Even Aaron noted, "Although I don't have to fly, I still have to get up in a tree to start a romance with her."

Nicknamed "New expert on wires ", Serena is suspended all day at a height higher than 6 floors, and still has to maintain a cold cool demeanor. "Not only am I not allowed to eat before being hung up there, I'm not allowed water, so it's very painful, I'm so dizzy that my eyes start crossing." She continued, laughing that she would overturn everyone's stereotypes about the mean creepy god of death, and would be a very cute one instead.

Aaron acts as a young man who has a brain tumour. "This drama really address all the problems that young people in the society today will face, such as bullying at school, and family abuse etc. I hope that just from the airing of this drama, more people will realize that young people need help from them to solve these problems." He also encouraged young people to face their challenges courageously, because life is still beautiful and miraculous.

At the press conference, Peter Ho had a surprise visit, returning to Taiwan. He laughed that previously, he worked on "One Missed Call 2", but he didn't have fun, so this time he was looking forward to the many young idols that would be collaborating together, and revealed that he and Serena

Due to rumours that the script was a plagiarism of a Japanese manga, director Chou Mei Ling honestly said that she did "consider" "Jigoku Shoujo" and other related materials, but she persisted that she hoped to create a Chinese television drama that could compete with the Japanese idol drama "Death Note".

HAHAHAHA! Now this is the REAL romance in the air~

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