April 28, 2010

Aaron Yan and Serena Fang have a ghostly romance mid-air

Source: epochtimes
Translation: casablanca-- @http://asianfanatics.net/ Do not repost without credits!

Serena Fang will be acting as a goddess of death involved in a romance with the human Aaron, and to enhance her ghostly role, she will be suspended in mid-air for most of the day and have to further the romance in a tree with him. She joked that since the start of filming, her foot has never been able to touch the ground!

PTS' "Goddess of Death" will be holding a press conference today (27th) that will include attendees such as Serena, Aaron, Lollipop's Wang Zi and Ah Ben, Chanel (Xiao) Man, and (zeropointsix) Andy Chen etc. Death goddess Serena revealed that her feet haven't touched the ground since "because every entrance and exit scene I have to 'fly' in". Even Aaron noted, "Although I don't have to fly, I still have to get up in a tree to start a romance with her."

Nicknamed "New expert on wires ", Serena is suspended all day at a height higher than 6 floors, and still has to maintain a cold cool demeanor. "Not only am I not allowed to eat before being hung up there, I'm not allowed water, so it's very painful, I'm so dizzy that my eyes start crossing." She continued, laughing that she would overturn everyone's stereotypes about the mean creepy god of death, and would be a very cute one instead.

Aaron acts as a young man who has a brain tumour. "This drama really address all the problems that young people in the society today will face, such as bullying at school, and family abuse etc. I hope that just from the airing of this drama, more people will realize that young people need help from them to solve these problems." He also encouraged young people to face their challenges courageously, because life is still beautiful and miraculous.

At the press conference, Peter Ho had a surprise visit, returning to Taiwan. He laughed that previously, he worked on "One Missed Call 2", but he didn't have fun, so this time he was looking forward to the many young idols that would be collaborating together, and revealed that he and Serena

Due to rumours that the script was a plagiarism of a Japanese manga, director Chou Mei Ling honestly said that she did "consider" "Jigoku Shoujo" and other related materials, but she persisted that she hoped to create a Chinese television drama that could compete with the Japanese idol drama "Death Note".

HAHAHAHA! Now this is the REAL romance in the air~

April 27, 2010

Peter Ho makes special appearance on Aaron Yan's new drama

Credit: fufu@CpopAccess
Source: Appledaily TW

Four years ago, when Kris Shen (AK) was filming the movie Spider Lilies, Peter Ho had once visited the set. After being acquainted with director Zero Zhou (周美玲), Peter and the director expressed their interest in working together, but the opportunity didn’t come until now. In director Zhou’s new work on PTS, “死 神少女” (roughly translates to Death Goddess) starring Aaron Yan and Serena Fang (房思瑜), Peter accepted a small special guest role without a second thought before even negotiating the price. In addition to fulfilling his wish of working with the director, taking on the role was also to show his support to his juniors, AK (Kris Shen and Andy Chen), who are also participating in the drama. Peter later learned that he is to play a rather interesting role - which is one that commits incest. He will appear in a span of two episodes.

It was Peter’s first time meeting Aaron Yan yesterday at the press conference. Peter complimented Aaron on his good manners and politeness, and Aaron immediately responded, “My mom likes you a lot!” Aaron plays a character that is diagnosed with a brain tumor. In order to act out his character that often has headaches, he specially went to Wu Chun for help. Aaron explained, “Wu Chun often has headaches, so I can just observe his expression when his head hurts.” Serena Fang on the other hand, plays a female ghost in the drama. She revealed that most of her scenes require her to be on wires, and one time, she was flying on wires six stories high that caused great pain.

Oh! So that's Arron's new drama, Death Goddess! Sounds interesting, wonder what's it about? And gosh, I don't whether to laugh or not when Arron decides to go to Chun to "observe his expression when his head hurts"...kekeke

April 26, 2010

Studying Music

Finals are coming up soon! It's that time of the school semester again where we have to throw ourselves into the books and lock ourselves in the towers. Well, I don't know about you but I can't study at home in silence. If I have to study at home, I have to music or a drama playing in the background. If I'm at school, I have to study in silence. Hahaha, weird. Anyways, here are my 3 must have study music!

1) Kenny G - The Moon Represents My Heart

A calming saxophone instrumental version of Teresa Teng's classic, "The Moon Represents My Heart".

2) Flying Daggers Theme Song

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a lullaby. hahaha. It's called studying music that brings you into studying mode.

3) Kiss the Rain

My first studying music, A serendipitous encounter, Beautiful~

那年,雨不停國 Beginning Video

I am getting curious about this drama. Very curious. The mysterious girl and her headphones. Why did she take out a headphone instead of an umbrella (since it is raining)? It must have something to do with the typhoon. The typhoon of 2010 that struck Taiwan...and killed many. This story depicts the aftermath of the typhoon, how the typhoon left an indelible memory, a hole in the heart...


It never stopped raining in the heart
It never stopped raining in the eyes
It never stopped raining in the memories
Humans never won against Heaven.


Autumn's Concerto Puzzle Game

I unconsciously wandered to Autumn's Concerto's Tieba again. And I found a puzzle game. hehehe. Click here to play it!

I solve it in 77 seconds.

April 24, 2010

Fahrenheit: What they carry

Source: http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/20389
Translated by nastyhobbit @AsianFanatics

It’s said that Fahrenheit don’t get along? Sorry, but I don’t believe it! Seeing them goof around in private, I could clearly see they’re having lots of fun! The most vulnerable, Wu Chun, not surprisingly turned into everyone’s target of “bullying”, when his reply is not good enough, everyone would immediately reprimand him then and there, it’s truly like deep brotherly feelings ah!

Calvin Chen loves “face” the most, Da Dong most pays attention to body and health (and also frequently speaks out to help Wu Chun out of an awkward situation, so who says they don’t get along?), Wu Chun is the most aware of safety. As for Arron Yan? It seems he’s like a carefree, worry-free “kid”. The “adults” say, he’s in charge of vocal accompaniment.

Calvin Chen: Moisturizing cream and face mask

When I asked Fahrenheit what they bring with them when they go traveling, the four immediately started speaking at the same time. Computer! Cellphone! Camera! (All electronics ah!) So sorry, but can you guys reply one by one?

That day’s most expert at leading the mood, Calvin Chen, started with, “I have to say something especially good. I would bring moisturizing cream and face mask.” (The other 3 immediately laughed out loud.) “Because we frequently fly to many places, and each city’s climate is different. Sometimes it’s too cold and too dry, the face would crack and peel and whatnot, the lips would also be very dry. So a moisturizer is a must-have la!” Calvin Chen later still wisely said, “If I may offer a bit of advice to everybody... When you’re flying, you must use ample moisturizer kung fu!” Then he added, “Having said that, I’m sorry! I need some time to apply this face mask.” Then he turned around as if to do so. (Hey, if you dare to actually apply a face mask right here right now, I’ll bow to you in admiration.)

Da Dong: Power twister bar

Having heard this, Da Dong immediately had his own “childhood memories” to share. “I remember when we were filming KO One before, I also brought face mask to the film set.” Calvin Chen very bluntly teased, “Jiro Wang! What childhood memories? He (pointing to Arron Yan) was there, I was also there. That’s a childhood memory?”

To be more creative, everyone started to banter randomly, even Wu Chun imitated a hungry expression and said, “May I ask, if you’ve finished with the cucumber and eggs on your face, can I eat half?” Da Dong didn’t pay attention to his joke, minding his own business and said, “Once I took a power twister bar with me to train my pectoral muscles. In the end they took it.” He expressed, “This training equipment is very convenient, sometimes you have to rush work and there’s no time to go to the gym. So this way is very good, I can carry it with me wherever I go!”

When Da Dong finished his reply, Calvin Chen had his chance to attack Wu Chun, “We already said our piece. Let Wu Chun talk!” The prepared Wu Chun answered, “I already thought of something!”

Arron Yan: Guitar

At this moment, Arron Yan was already itching to give his answer. “Electronics I have to bring with me!” The others shouted, “You can’t say electronics la!” Arron said, “Oh, okay then! Recently when we go overseas I bring a guitar with me. Because recently I’m practicing playing the guitar.”

Wu Chun: Pen and paper

Wu Chun said, “Now it’s my turn! I’ll say, a wristwatch!” (as a result he was scolded quite badly) The other 3 were talking all at once, “Oh please! Everybody wears this ah!” “That’s right! Isn’t a wristwatch a body part?” “This doesn’t count, this doesn’t count! Say something else!”

At this time Calvin Chen said, “Wu Chun, you might as well say you carry your brain with you out the door!”

So Wu Chun tried hard and said, “Can I say wallet?” (Everyone once again scolded him violently and teased him, “It would be better if you say a flashlight or toilet paper.”) When he heard “paper”, the always busy managing his gym business online with his laptop big boss Wu Chun’s eyes shone brightly and said, “Then I bring pen and paper, yeah. Because my memory is bad, sometimes when I’m on the road or in a car, when I think of something I write it down immediately.”

Arron Yan exposed him and said, “He really would bring a flashlight. Quickly ask him!”

Calvin Chen: “That’s right! Because he’s afraid the hotel would have a blackout, or be on fire.”

Da Dong: “He is always vigilant la!”

Wu Chun: “My dad even told me I should bring fire protection when I go out.”

Da Dong: “I boil my own stuff. So I bring a water heater with me when overseas.” (Beside him, Calvin Chen repeatedly nodded.) “And also my nutritionist said I should drink a lot of chicken soup for my health. So after that I had to bring my own electric kettle.”

Wu Chun: “Then where do you buy the chicken?” (The other 3 couldn’t help but laugh at this food lover, “Wu Chun! Don’t talk anymore!”) Calvin Chen expressed, “When you go abroad, you might as well just buy chicken soup. Don’t trouble yourself like this!”

When I asked Fahrenheit whose luggage is the heaviest, everyone said one after another: Wu Chun and Da Dong. Arron Yan: "Wu Chun's luggage is overweight, I kindly volunteer to carry some of his luggage. But instead I'm being pulled by his luggage."

Wu Chun: "Because my home in Taiwan is very small, but I have a lot of stuff. So I have to bring them back many times to Brunei.And also I would go shopping to buy stuff for my dad in Brunei. But when I go back to Taiwan my luggage is quite light."

Not allowed to be hungry Wu Chun

There was only 10 minutes in the interview, Fahrenheit looked a little tired. as expected they still managed the weird questions, a talent that makes them rather "dynamic".

Fahrenheit came to Malaysia to attend a press conference, after that accepted 6 exclusive interviews one after another. We dislike having only 10 minutes to ask, but 6 groups added together ate up an hour of Fahrenheit's time. So I heard the youngest Arron Yan ask their manager, "Can this wait until we had time to go back to the hotel?" The manager said, "There's no time. We have to go immediately to the next event." Arron Yan still said there's time, Wu Chun sitting beside him impatiently said, "Then there's no time to eat?"

When asked what they'll miss about Malaysia, Fahrenheit was enumerating them, they repeatedly mention Malaysian food. The usually always in a good mood Wu Chun suddenly said, "Just like now, we're sacrificing our eating time to have this interview with you." Once these words came out, the other 3 "scolded" him, "How can you say this ah?" Then as if a wronged child, Wu Chun explained, "I'm such a young kid."

But I remember when I promptly called a halt to the interview, Fahrenheit's 4 all simultaneously clapped their hands in "celebration" that they finally finished the media interview. They all spoke in unison and politely said, "Thank you!" But I vaguely heard someone on my far left cheer in a low voice? (That's right! Wu Chun! I'm talking to you.)

Hahahahaa~ Never keep Wu Chun from his food or else he turn into a beast! Calvin is very witty and humorous here!

Fahrenheit 4th Album

Wow guys, good news come one after another. According to Fahrenheit Global, Fahrenheit's 4th album will come out on...*drum roll*...August 24, 2010! Yee hoooo! That also happens to be Jiro's birthday too!

April 23, 2010

Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last

If you've been watching TVB's Fly With Me, this is the English song that always plays in the background and it was also the ending song for episode 5.

Save The Best For Last - Vanessa Williams

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes
Sometimes it's all a big surprise
'Cause there was a time when all I did was wish
You'd tell me this was love
It's not the way I hoped or how I planned
But somehow it's enough

And now we're standing face to face
Isn't this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

All of the nights you came to me
When some silly girl had set you free
You wondered how you'd make it through
I wondered what was wrong with you

'Cause how could you give your love to someone else
And share your dreams with me
Sometimes the very thing you're looking for
Is the one thing you can't see

And now we're standing face to face
Isn't this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

Sometimes the very thing you're looking for
Is the one thing you can't see

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

You went and saved the best for last

Sharing a good news

Hi, everyone! I'm sooo happy too! I just got an email saying that I've been accepted into the School of Education! Ya hoooooooooo!

April 22, 2010

Vanness & Arissa: No sex or french kissing

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ http://asianfanatics.net/ Do not repost without credits!

Vanness Wu became a hamburger store manager for one day on the 21st, and talked for the first time about his reconciliation with girlfriend Arissa Cheo, stating their abstinence. "This is a really serious matter, (their promise to God), not something to be spoken of lightly." Asked if he would French kiss her? He shook his head vigorously, (but what if you guys get too passionate?) then tapped his cheek, saying "A kiss here is okay."

He met Arissa when filming the MV for his song "My Kingdom", but they split up after one year together. She has once acted in "RMVB", her father is a Singaporean "higher-up" in the media. He speaks of their reconciliation, "I was the one who brought it up. She still keeps in contact with my family, we broke up earlier because I had issues with my character and way of thinking. I prayed to God, and he gave me courage, so I am very happy right now."

The pair have started dating again, with a view to get married. "We are very blissful together, I once made hamburgers for her to eat." To rumours that she dumped her then current boyfriend to date him again, he vehemently denied it. "That's definitely not true, I've known her for a very long time, she is a very gentle person." To media reporters who keep digging up her past and making headlines about it, he said, "They can do whatever they want, I don't care, as long as ti doesn't hurt our families, I already feel very embarrassed that they have to go through all this."

Vanness' project, idol drama "That Year, the Rain Didn't Stop" (那年,雨不停國) aired yesterday, in which he plays the main male lead's older cousin. Outside of filming, the two of them get along pretty well, with Bryan Chang asking Vanness for tips on how to get a nice body. Vanness replied that other than intense core training, he eats 20 proteins a day, and Bryan almost fainted after hearing that! After less than a week on that route, he couldn't take it and switched to a high protein diet instead.

=D I wish you happiness, V! Cheers to happiness in years ahead.

On a side note, the title of his new drama reminded me of the little rain trailer for Autumn's Concerto. And then I realized that this was the drama that the AC director and Van Ness co produced. It's about life after that really big typhoon hit Taiwan last year.

Godfrey Tsao suffers concussion

Source : xinmsn.com
Credit: =sx.k=

Top Taiwanese model Godfrey Tsao suffered a concussion after a pool diving accident during filming for his new idol drama Wo De Pai Dui Qing Ren.

On Monday in Kaohsiung, the 1.95-metre-tall Godfrey was filming a pool diving scene for the show when he knocked his head on the floor of the 1.4-metre-deep pool. At that time, he could still get out of the pool on his own, but the production crew noticed blood dripping down his face and rushed to ice his head.

Later, he felt dizzy and nauseous, and filming was abruptly ended as the male lead was sent to the hospital.

Doctors found that he had suffered concussion and advised that he stay for further checks and refrain from air travel.

Despite vomiting through that night, Godfrey still flew to Shanghai early next morning for prior work commitments. It is believed he was struck by a serious headache when he landed in the Chinese city.

He said yesterday, "I thought it's a superficial wound, but it swelled so much.

"My head now feels heavy and tired. I'll have to see a doctor again when I'm back in Taiwan."

OMG! Godfreyyy! I hope he's okay. He really should not have traveled to Shanghai cuz health is more important than work. If you're not healthy, how can you work?

April 20, 2010

Jiro Wang stranded in Holland, hopes to fly home as soon as possible

Source: Yahoo TW, UDN, Xin Min
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Jiro Wang who went to Amsterdam, Holland to do some photoshoots for his art photobook, was supposed to be back in Taiwan April 19 but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, he has been forced to stay in Holland. Luckily Jiro is a very optimistic guy because he won't be able to take a flight home until Friday at the earliest. Due to too many tourists left stranded in Europe as a result of the eruption, food and accomodation costs have trebled, with a crew of over 10 people in Holland, it's expected that they will have to spend an extra $NT1.5 million.

Besides this, the meteorological office of South Korea has predicted that the volcanic ash will reach the Korean Peninsula and China's north/east on April 20. In regards to the weather in Taiwan, the weather bureau has expressed that the chance of the volcanic ash affecting Taiwan shouldn't be very big.

Not knowing when he'll be back, many fans have been very worried even communicating online with fans from Europe, trying to find out whether Jiro is okay. Artist Jiro Wang, "Hello everyone, I'm tourist Da Dong. Originally I was going to return to Taiwan but have a look behind me."

The entire airport was empty, there weren't even any workers at the counter. Originally Jiro was going to return to Taiwan on April 19 but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, he has become stranded. Jiro Wang: "But I'm still fine you see, full of energy, full of energy." However, the filial Jiro mentioned that he does miss his mother. As soon as he found out he had to stay an extra 5 days, he rang home to let his mother know that he was okay.

The delayed flight back home has caused Jiro and his hair and make-up artists' other work to be postponed as well so nobody has the mood to spend their time having fun. Each day they come to the airport, hoping that they can return to Taiwan soon.

Jiro said that the only thing he can do is take advantage of this time to finish the writing and drawing for his art photobook. The purpose of his trip was to draw inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's homeland and art gallery while also seeing the windmills and taking in the beautiful landscapes Holland has to offer. Looking from another perspective, this situation can be seen as a very special experience. He hopes that when the time comes, he will be able to bring more stories for his fans through his writing.

Whoaaaa! Jiro stuck in Hollanddd! Well, at least he is safe and sound and very bright yellow! Hope the skies clear and the airplanes start flying again~

April 19, 2010

S.H.E reveal solo career plans for 2010

Source : Channel News Asia
Add'l Credit: =sx.k=@ AF

SINGAPORE: Taiwan Mando-pop trio S.H.E revealed their solo career plans for 2010 at a press conference during the opening ceremony of SMRT's Circle Line, at Stadium Station on Saturday.

Selina, 28, said she will soon be hosting a television programme, with negotiations "very close to completion".

While the singer, whose father Ren Mingting was also a television host, declined to elaborate on what kind of show it will be as "that detail has not been confirmed yet", she said she "would like to try a food-related programme or a game show".

Hebe, on the other hand, is gearing up to release her first solo album and is in the midst of collecting songs for it. She also said she is working on her media skills as she will have to promote her album alone, without her bandmates.

"I am very worried. I have to face the media and take interviews. I am worried I am not up to the task so I am practising," said the 27-year-old.

Ella, 28, who recently appeared in the Taiwanese drama "Down With Love", said she will be "preparing to appear in a movie as discussions are almost complete" and hoped that fans will be supportive of her film debut.

Despite their candid revelations on their solo career plans, there was no talk about the group dissolving.

S.H.E's music label, HIM International Music, had previously stated that while the trio may embark on solo careers, the group will be kept intact.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..." But in this case, it's three roads diverged in a yellow wood. Three ladies, three different paths, one group. Best of luck to Selena in the hosting field as it's not as easy as it seems. And Hebe who is now singing and promoting alone, best of luck. Ella, best of luck to you too and congrats for movie debut! S.H.E, JIA YOUUUU!!!

An Evil Woman

So lately, there was an explosive live on-air battle between #1 host Xiao S and infamous female reporter Zhou over the Blackie's Love Life charity T-Shirts. A magazine exposed that only 100NTD of the 580NTD that shirt sells for goes to charity while the rest goes to Blackie's company. A live on-air discussion panel was planned and Zhou was one of guest. And on the show, she outrightly called Blackie's charity efforts hypocritical and requested him to apologize and stop "cheating" people. Well, obviously, this lady has never done charity work before. T shirts cost money. Advertisement for charity costs money. Perhaps Blackie didn't clarify how the funds were being used but she went overboard for outright calling him a hypocrite and demanding him to apologize. Apologize for WHAT? For giving the kids hope? For spreading a positive idea? For doing charity?

I wasn't the only one enraged by her outrageous accusations. Xiao S called in to the discussion show and supported her good friend, Blackie. She expressed her opinion on Zhou's accusation and called Zhou's claims evil for belittling someone who's working hard to bring hope to kids. Now here's the thing that really ticked me off. Xiao S attacked Zhou's accusation calling it evil and Zhou, once she heard the word "evil" requested Xiao S to take it back. Zhou said that because Xiao S is a mother, she cannot use the word "evil" (
邪惡). Dot Dot Dot. Since when are mommies not allowed to use the word "evil"(邪惡)? She makes no sense. And then, to make matters worse, Zhou attacked Xiao S (for using 邪惡) indirectly using Xiao S' daughters. She said, "I feel regretful for your two daughters." WTFFFFF!!! That is 邪惡.

A Yin-Yang Fresh Beginning

Woo! New layout! The old layout was getting boring so I changed it at the cost of not seeing the beautiful blue Autumn's Concerto banner every time I visit my blog. But it's ok, as long as it's in the heart.

Mmmm, this new layout is just simple black and white with a tint of blue. There's a new navigation bar at the top but there's not much stuff there because I don't know what I want to put there yet. I'm sure there will be some more goodies on that bar in the future. Any suggestions?

April 18, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Rebirth 2

Another rebirth clip with Guang Xi as narrator. Bento Girl, Guang Xi and his pink heels, the dying fish, the bet, Air on G String...all I'm feeling right now is how much I miss this drama. I remember, during the golden period, we would always bounce off the walls after watching these clips and try to piece together what will happen in the next episode. Now, it's like we watch this and reminisce those super crazy moments. Hahaha~

Autumn's Concerto Rebirth

Thanks jd for the clip and the info! Autumn's Concerto is reairing on Settv every week from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm. Rebirth date is April 20!

I finally forced myself to finish this clip, it's so intense *sob*. Mi xiu mi xiu, Autumn's Concerto! Also miss that familiar Air on G String piece! This time Guang Xi does the narration. Now we have a complete set of narrations; Mu Cheng narration, Xiao Le narration, and Guang Xi narration. Perfect!

April 15, 2010

Ady the Singer

I hope she comes out with another album in the future~

April 13, 2010

Sat in the City 01

Hahahahahaaa! Owww, my stomach hurts from laughingg!!! This is soo funnnyyy! This is a segment from a newly released TVB variety show that focuses on making parodies~ Hahaha! The title "Sat in the City" = America's "Sex in the City", the character Excellent aka Da Ex = Da S, the character Handelababy = Angelababy, the character Hungry = ???.

In this episode of "Sat in the city", topic ranges from botox to "first time".
Hahaha, the "first time" convo was hilariouss! Da Ex tells her sisters that she had her first time last month. Her sisters, Handelababy and Hungry, are so happy for her and asks for a detailed description of it. And Da Ex tells them that it was tiring and sweaty and lasted for four hours. Hungry was so shocked, she asked, "Who in this world have so much energy to last for four hours?!?! Who's the person?" Da Ex replies, "At the time it was very dark, there were too many people, I forgot." Hungry and Handelababy are both shocked! Handelababy says, "At first, I felt happy for you, but you gave your first time to so many people at once,I'm so sad,I despise you now." Hungry joins in, "I despise you too! So many people, so much fun and you didn't even call me up!" Da Ex says, "But it was advertised in the newspaper." Double shocker for Hungry! "Advertised? These things need to be advertised?!?!!?" "Of course, my first time running the marathon and even I know (it's advertised), but you don't know? You're thinking too much! " HAHAHAHAAA!

April 12, 2010

Jane Zhang ft. Da Mouth - Can't Do It 辦不到

One day, someone told me to stop thinking about Autumn's Concerto. I told her, "sorry, 辦不到(no can do)". (LAMMEEEE) Hahahahaaa! Here's 辦不到~

Jane is awesome~ listen to 1:32 ~ 1:39, amazing high pitchhh! And btw, if the guy with the blue hair, Harry, made a guest appearance in Autumn's Concerto as the other patient with cancer. He was going to marry his girlfriend after his surgery but sadly he didn't make it.

April 11, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Drawings

These are some drawings that I saw on Autumn's Concerto Baidu Bar! Very very pretty!

Fahrenheit wants to return to the past

Source: chinapress
Translated by nastyhobbit@AsianFanatics and gigi@Fahrenheit-Globa1

When work is over, classes are over, and return home, we love to hold the TV remote control, press left, press right, looking for our favorite shows or movies to watch. So have you also had the fantasy that you have a magic remote control that gives you the power to travel back and forth in time, how will you use this power?

Can it be that when you usually watch TV, you would randomly watch all places, or would carefully go over past memories to give an impression of the future? Actually such fantasies can test your innermost feelings, what you truly want the most, what is most unforgettable, and what you most regret…

If you want to know, you can follow Fahrenheit’s “remote control universe”, explore their innermost depths, and also find out your own innermost desire!

Magic remote control gives you magic powers
1. Can travel back and forth in the past and future
2. Use the magic wand to talk about love
All four FRH members want to use the magic remote control to travel back to the past, because the most beautiful time is when they were simplest and most carefree!
They want to return to the past and see the footsteps they previously made, make up for unfinished business, and once again repeat the happy feelings of childhood and being in love for the first time.

Calvin Chen: Happier childhood times

I don’t want to know what will happen in the future, because of course I want to seize each day, and do each thing well. As for what will happen, it depends on how you live your life in the present, you will just know it! But if I were to choose, I will choose to return to my childhood, because that time was rather happy, the life in school is carefree and without worries. As well I have memories of going on trips with my family, I would want to return to that time and see it again.

Wu Chun: Wants to enjoy the past a bit longer

I also want to return to the past, because I had a lot of things I didn’t treasure in my childhood. So I would want to go back and experience my childhood again, then shoot many many pictures hahaha. Because I had very few photos in my childhood, so in the future I would want to take many many pictures of my children, so when they grow up they will know their growing up process. (Jiro Wang: If they don’t want to take pictures, you will force them! Hahaha!) Besides that, I also want to go back to the past to experience some beautiful times, I will enjoy it a bit more, and make the feelings last a bit longer! (At this moment, Jiro, Calvin and Arron were already making a commotion saying: Last long? What thing do you want to last long? Hmm? Say it clearly ah…) Nothing ah, then I think the remote control ah, about falling in love (suddenly the red-faced Chun boldly said one sentence), what ah! Such a thing, I can’t continue la…

Calvin Chen: Unforgettable first love

Oh right, I forgot to talk about love! To add (speaking while looking at Wu Chun) about love, it’s just like his one (Wu Chun: You ah! You’re certainly even worse than I!), just like wanting to enjoy those short few seconds… the feeling of being in love (Wu Chun: 你皮養是嗎?) (Once again the whole group laughs out loud) , just like returning to that high school love, every day being single-heartedly devoted to that other person, that first love, (Wu Chun: Oh, is it?) yeah, like enjoying those short few seconds of happiness, (Wu Chun: What? What’s a few seconds…) I’m talking about those few seconds of the first kiss…

Jiro Wang: Afraid of getting hurt again

I also want to return to my childhood because it's the most carefree life for everyone. At that time, there's no worries. You went home with your classmates everyday, and you got a long well with your family. During school break, you'd go out to play. You felt happy everyday.

I wish to go back to that junior high school sweet love and yet afraid to get hurt. Then we took the bus together and fell asleep on her shoulder... I feel that it's a pure and unforgettable memory. That's why I want to return to that simple/pure time.

Arron Yan: Love can't be forced

I also want to return to the past, then hit the pause button, pause that moment! Because sometimes in life, there's something you don't want to forget, then I can press the pause button to stop and enjoy that feeling. It doesn't matter if it's happy or sad, you just want to fully experience the feelings.

I'm not too demanding toward love. I will let go of the past if needed, and I will not constantly ponder over it. There will be a lot of memory in my heart, but if you keep thinking about it, you will lock yourself up!

(Actually before Arron joined Fahrenheit, there's one close girlfriend. But that girlfriend died because of a car accident, which seemingly making Arron deeply cherish this love that was not meant to be.

Reportedly, two days before his girlfriend died, they got into an argument but then got back together again. That's why he always wished to return to that time and complete the unfinished love experience.

Then there's another rumor saying that the stud earring on his left ear is from that girlfriend. He never takes it off after she passed away. It seems like he still wants to remember something...)

What kind of love do you want?

Calvin Chen: Long-lasting romance

I think now I wanna talk about is… (the other 3 members looking at him) why are you always looking at me? I want to find a person whose values are very lose to mine, about a very romantic (looking at Wu Chun smiling), very… long-lasting love. Because now I’m no longer that guy in senior high who can talk on and on about love. Now the most important thing is to have a deep, long-lasting romantic relationship.

Jiro Wang: Wants lots of kids

I want to get married and have a brood of kids. (Calvin: Wow, a brood!) That’s right. Because I was an only child, so I felt quite bored as a kid, so I don’t want my future children to be bored. So I want many of them to keep each other company. I also want to keep dogs. (Calvin: Don’t you want to keep pigs instead? (eyes looking at Wu Chun)) (Wu Chun: Eh, keeping pigs, you need to give it a lot of food ah!) (Arron: He (the pig) will scrounge for food la!) That’s right. Keeping pigs, I can slaughter them later to eat hahaha. I would like to have “3 generations living in one roof”, I want to enjoy the feeling of that kind of family and happy marriage, I’m looking forward to this kind of marriage.

Wu Chun: Wish for a good friend

I wish my partner is my girlfriend and good friend. It’s that type who can become my other half. (For example?) It’s very difficult to give an example… (Calvin: Don’t say la, otherwise it will be a headline la!) Very difficult to answer, eh I want to call Da Dong to answer this la. (Da Dong: Okay I’ll answer! Someone just like my mother…) (Calvin: He (Da Dong) has an Oedipus complex la!)

Arron Yan: Thinking about her everyday

Like (David?) Tao's MV said, if you can let the girl return to the feeling of 16 years old time, then it's right. I think it's a very touching feeling because you can really feel that tugging love. For this person, I would think about her everyday. Even during class, I would write her name on my notebook. This kind of feeling will slowly dissipate over time, but thinking back again, you will feel that's the kind of love you want to cherish the most (Jiro: true love, true love).

(It seems like Arron is still deeply engrossed in that love that can't be continued...never wakes up...)

Arronn~~~ jia you!!!

F4 transform into G4

OMGGGG!!! HAHAHAHAAAAA!!! G4! The first guy is Jerry, the second is Van Ness, the third is Vic, and the last is Ken. They captured F4's hair pretty well! Hahahaha!Here's the original~

April 10, 2010

Ady An's new role is bad to the bone

Ady An is probably one of the hardest working actresses in the industry. She began filming the drama Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior shortly after completing Autumn’s Concerto, and recently took 3 days off to film Journey to the West.
In the new TV adaptation of the famous story, Ady An plays the character “Bai Gu Jing” (aka White-Bone Demon). She researched about the role on the Internet and even spent 6 figures to bring in a team of stylists from Taiwan. This White-Bone Demon promises to be bad to the bone but easy on the eyes!

Source: the-sun.on.cc, hunantv.com

PA @ CpopAccess

...W.O.W. Liang Mu Cheng...Bai Gu Jing...Liang Mu Cheng...Bai Gu Jing...W.O.W...
Double Wow at the pictures, especially the first one of her holding the skull! That's...a fake skull, right? creepppyyyy! The second and third photos are also very amazing. The photos are so good because the photographer captured the emotions in the photos or is it because the actress effectively conveys the emotions in the photos? Daoism says it's both. =)

April 09, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Piano Sheets

Ding Dang - Wo Ai Ta 我爱他 - I Love Him
Ding Dang - Qin Ren 亲人 - Relative Ding Dang - Ni Wei Shen Me Shuo Huang 你为什說謊 - Why Did You Lie
Victor Wong - Wo Yi Wei 我以为- I Thought

This is all I've been able to find~

Ding Dang Wo Ai Ta and Qin Ren Credits to 1004。: Chinese Pop Piano Sheet

New April 2010 Birthday List

April 7: Jackie Chan (HK)
April 9: Linda Chung (HK)
April 9: Janine Chang (TW)
April 11: Ya Tou (TW)
April 14: Wang Zi (TW)
April 16: Moses Chan (HK)
April 17: Cutie Mui (HK)
April 17: Ding Dang (TW)
April 22: Alice Ceng (TW)
April 26: Flora Chan (HK)

Happy Birthdayy all April people! Happy Birthdayyy Lindaaaa and Janineee!!! Can't wait to watch Linda onscreen on again!!! Linda + Steven!!!! Wooo~

Btw, that is a wicked candle up there! It's a lotus candle that blasts fire, sings happy birthday, lights up candles, and opens up like a lotus. Wickedddd...

New March 2010 Birthday List

Picture: http://thecookduke.com/gift-wrapped-cake/

March 1: Blue Lan (TW)
March 2: Sharon Tang (HK)
March 4: Alex Fong (HK)
March 6: Xiu Jie Kai (TW)
March 9: Ronald Cheng (HK)
March 10: Ms. Kiwi (Parfait Place)
March 10: Cecilia Liu (CH)
March 12: Vicki Zhao (CH)
March 14: Liang Mu Cheng (TW)
March 18: Christine Fan (TW)
March 20: Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (HK)
March 22: Yoo Ha Na (KR)
March 23: Edwin Siu (HK)
March 24: Eddie Peng (TW)
March 30: Hebe Tian (TW)
March 31: Bondy Chiu (HK)

hehehe...oops, forgot to post this up before! Well, here it is! Happy Belated Birthday everyoneee! Special Shout out to Liang Mu Cheng: Miss you, miss you! Happy belated birthday! How's Xiao Leee?!?!?!?!! May all your future stops be happiness!!!

April 07, 2010

Ah Niu - The Most Romantic Love Song

Brining back another song from the past! Was reintroduced to this one by a friend! Woo! This song is so carefree and relaxing and funny too! Hahaha!

English Translations
Credit: Anonymous

I fell in love with you
For you I just wear socks with no shoes
Go shopping and watch movies with you
Even pay your phone bills
Loving you 
I don't care about anything

You cook the vegetables
I will cook the rice 
I will even clean all the dishes
I will no longer look at other girls
But you also shouldn't
go be naughty(Was not naughty~)

I will for a life time
Give you lots of spending money
But you will have to...
You will have to help me....
Make lots and lots of children
You are my entire life's
most loved emperor

You say no way (ewww! No waaay~)
I love seeing you that way
Being silly

You cook the vegetables(I cook the vegetables)
I will cook the rice(You cook the rice)
I will even clean all the dishes
I will no longer look at other girls(Hmph! you dare?)
But you also shouldn't go be naughty(I did not!!~)

I will for a life time
Give you lots of spending money
But you will have to...
You will have to help me....
Make lots and lots of children

You are my entire life's most loved emperior
You say no way (eww! No waaaaaay~)
I love seeing you that way
Being silly

I will for a life time
Give you lots of spending money(Give me money to spend?)
But you will have to...(I will have to)
You will have to help me(I help you)
Make lots and lots of children(make lots and lots of children)

You are my entire life's most loved emperior (oh?) emperior(oh?)
Why no way? (No way! no waay!~)
You and me together 
Being silly...

Survival Puzzle

Imagine you are in Africa. You have been tied hanging on a tree with a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope, and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch. Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one around to help you. The only possible way is to somehow convince the lion to BLOW the candle out. How do you do that?



Read the news here.

I feel sad and happy.

Van + Ady, this golden couple will only exist in the drama world. =(

But I'm happy that Van Ness has someone, may his next stop be happiness~

April 06, 2010

Another Walk With Nature

I've been influenced by Daoism. This past Saturday, I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see the cherry blossoms. *smell* The air was so fresh, the grass were so green, the trees were so tall, everything was in perfect harmony. Nature. She is beautiful when she's nice~

This is just plain cool...

A flower that has yet to bloom

Another cool miniature tree

This is the best picture I've taken of flowers!

April 04, 2010

I Have Sharp Eyes

It's well known that TVB likes to reuse outfits. The fun part is seeking them out! *hehehe* I found one. Ron and Steven in the same pink flowery vest thingy. The first picture is Steven in The Legend of Pu Song Ling which hasn't come out yet. The second picture is Ron in Rosy Business. I guess it was the pinkness of the outfit that caught my attention since I rarely see guys in pink, especially in the ancient eras.

April 03, 2010

Jimmy Lin’s first China modern series lands on Hunan TV. Chen Ming Zhang made the connection

translation by l_coco @ http://asianfanatics.net
source : Sina

My Lucky Star got very high ratings when it debuted in China in 07. It has since been on reruns numerous times in the last 3 years. Fans of MLS still talk about the series to these days. There were even rumors that there’ll be a sequel with the original cast. Jimmy Lin’s manager said, “They are only rumors. He had to turn down more than 10 series because of the concert tour. The scripts he’s looking at now have nothing to do with MLS.” Jimmy’s new series is 单身公主相亲记, a 30 eps modern comedy: the collaboration between Hunan TV and Shanghai 展杰文化艺术有限公司. This is his first modern series filmed in China.

Jimmy’s attitude towards accepting jobs is quality over quantity. His original plan is to do a movie, the concert tour and a new album. But 单身公主相亲记 is directed by 陈铭章, the director of My Lucky Star. Jimmy said, “I missed the opportunity to work with Director Chen because of the last concert. I have very high regards for him and we work well together. We talked about this series several times and I’ve confidence that this will be a unique comedy.”

Hunan TV usually uses newbies in its original series. This is the first time they hire Jimmy Lin as the male lead with a six-figure fee per episode. The producer 周琳 also has high regards for Jimmy. She will showcase not just his good looks but also his innate comedic charm.

Besides the series Jimmy’s original plan is to hold concerts in Beijing and Chengdu in May. But the visual design team has a time conflict with Director Zhang Yimou’s musical Turandot and the concert has to be postponed. Jimmy’s manager Grace said, “There will be filming of the series and commercials and other commercial activities in the first half of the year. The rest of the time will be devoted to preparing for the concert and the new album.

Jimmmy!!! Miss you miss you!!! I miss My Lucky Star. I miss Fated to Love You too. But I miss Autumn's Concerto the mostttt!!!! *sniff sniff* There goes another box of tissue~ Jimmy, he hasn't changed since the last time I saw him on screen~ and he's working with the funny director again! I love that director's works! He's awesomeee! I have high confidence in that new comedy show...but it won't take down Autumn's Concerto in my heart.

April 02, 2010

Draggin Myself Out of Depression

For every beginning, there exists an ending. And nothing can stop that ending from coming.

"What must come will come, what must end will end"
- Autumn's Concerto Director Chen Hui Ling

Something unimaginable happened after Autumn's Concerto ended. I, a drama addict, lost interest in watching dramas *GASP* and fell into a hole of depression. (<- hahaha, kiwi~) Because of a drama, I lost interested in watching dramas. Because of a drama, I fell into depression. And now to pick myself out of depression, I must use poison against poison.

The first drama to push me to the road of recovery is Pasta, a lighthearted comedy/food drama recommended by Arrow. The best part of this drama is watching Chef walking with charisma, especially in the kitchen! The way he walks is so different from how regular people walk. And I loved the scene where he fired the general manager, gosh, the way he walked down the stairssss, soo coool! Chef knows how to walk~

P.S. I learned what vongole is~ hehe

The second drama is a classic, Duke of Mount Deer 2000 version with Dicky Cheung! I could watch this over and over again and it'll never get old. The setting is ancient, the language is modern. I love to hear Xiao Bao recite his famous rap poem! The only thing is the ending...it was sad. I always wondered what happened to the other wives...did they commit suicide or did they all just decided to leave him...

Treatment is going ok. I've gone from the back of the bus to the front of the bus. One day, I will walk out of this bus, turn around, and wave goodbye to Autumn's Concerto.

Van Ness Wu wants to pick up groceries in 007 style

Source : UDN

Credit : PA @

Van Ness Wu was invited by Jaeger-LeCoutre to model their Amvox2 DBS Transponder watch, which was especially designed for Aston Martin DBS owners. Unlike traditional car keys, a DBS owner can now lock or unlock their car door with the watch, and then walk (in slow-mo) towards their car like 007 without fishing for those silly keys.

Van Ness Wu looked like an Asian 007 in his white suit standing beside the ultra luxurious car. He said he would be very interested to play the character, because “being able to drive in high speed is a lot of fun.” However, playing 007 means he will be surrounded by women, doesn’t that go against his faith? He said, “That depends on the script.” He played with the watch many times and even joked, “Going out for groceries like this, there will be no need for car keys.”

The grocery shopping 007 isn't exactly what most people have in mind, so host Dennis Nieh quickly said, “007 can quickly get into his car when he's chased by criminals.” Van Ness Wu added, “Or when being chased by paparazzi.”

Van Ness Wu revealed that he likes to collect watches, with design and functionality as the main focuses. His most expensive watch up to now cost several hundred thousands. At the event yesterday, Van Ness was fully dressed in Gucci, but he wasn’t satisfied with the shoes the organizers arranged for him, so he wore his own sneakers. A reporter asked him if he has gotten his eyes done recently. He repeated several times that hasn’t had any surgery, and said “the body given by God should not be easily altered.”


Mrs. 007: *with electrifying eyes* That watch would look great on my wrist, don't you think?

Mr. 007: I'll give you my watch and in return, you go shopping for groceries with me~

Joe Chen Qiao En's movie debut - Collaborating with Chow Yun Fat

Source: Apple Daily, Ent.163
Translated by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.net/

Joe Chen Qiao En's movie aspiration will be turning into reality in June with her first movie "The Breakup Expert (分手專家)" being a collaboration with international star Chow Yun Fat. Yesterday, when Joe heard of the news, she was very stunned and exclaimed "Today's April Fools Day. You're lying to me right!"

Joe Chen will be working with Hong Kong's "永盛电影公司" for 5 movies within 3 years and yesterday, the company's big boss Jimmy Heung held an official contract signing ceremony with her in HengDian. After Huang Xiao Ming and Li Bing Bing, Joe will now also be part of the "5510 Big Movie Plan" acting group. Jimmy Heung is placing huge emphasis on the little drama queen's big movie leap revealed on the spot that her new movie "The Breakup Expert (分手專家)" will begin filming in June and the male actors include Chou Yun Fat and China's Zhou Li Bo (周立波). When Joe heard that she'll be working with international star Chow Yun Fat, she was shocked.

Earlier this year, Joe already went to visit Chow Yun Fat for Chinese New Year and went to his huge mansion. At that time, she had no idea that the two would have a chance to collaborate and was very excited. She even told Chow Yun Fat that "You're my idol, I grew up watching God of Gamblers!" Besides receiving an hongbao from Chow Yun Fat, Joe also gambled with him and was delighted to win consecutive rounds of Black Jack.

Joe made use of that opportunity to learn more about acting from Chow Yun Fat and the 2 hours long chat with him was very insightful. He taught her tricks such as how when filming a movie, the first thing to do when she enter into the production crew will be to make friends with the camera-man so that the scenes will look good. She shouldn't just return to her nanny car to rest when other people's scenes are being filmed either as watching other actors and actresses act will help her improve her acting.

Joe also revealed that Chow Yun Fat taught her to place a peach blossom flower (桃花) at home so that more suitors will come her way. When talking about her biggest "Peach Blossom" Ethan Ruan though she referred to him as a friend only. "I watched "Monga". I really liked it. His character, He Shang, was very good and the biggest similarity between the two will probably be that in real life, Ethan's places huge emphasis on loyalty too."

Joe was left with a very good impression of Chow Yun Fat and she said that "He was very nice." She didn't even dare to think of a collaboration with him at that time and thought to herself that she might get a chance after 3-5 years. When she was told at the press conference yesterday that the movie's male lead will be Chow Yun Fat, her first impression was that it was an April's Fool Day joke and she was escalated when she found out it was real.

Wow! She is lucky! First time in movies and acting with the all mighty Chow Yun Fat!!! Woo! Go QE! And wow, she even has time to watch Monga~ hmm, I kinda want to watch it because Ethan and Mark are in it, but then the genre is not my cup of tea...

April 01, 2010

And Life Goes On...

Autumn's Concerto has poisoned me so deeply.
Poisoned to the point where I can't even focus.
Rescue is something far beyond my reach.
I would like to rest...would...
Like to see the sunset

For now, the only option is to withdraw from here.
Only time can tell when everything will be back to normal.
Operation close down.
Last post.

Didn't want to disappoint you all.
All good things come to an end.
You, I, Memories ends here.

P.S. My Last Present to you all, an exclusive photo featuring Autumn's Concerto, one that hasn't been released~ got it from a special friend. Thank you special one!

Farewell. *wink wink*

P.P.S. You should click that exclusive photo link up there...or else you will regret it..