March 11, 2010

You Might Have To Go To The Dentist After Seeing These Photos

...because your jaws will drop on the floor!

Are you ready! Here we go:

Credit: baidu, sina, sohu

So how's your jaw? Hehehe~

I think this is an advertisement for an online game. Either way, these pictures are stunningggg! Gotta go catch some more of her ancient dramas!

Edit: Read article here! Provided by Meh~


  1. Wow. the pictures are so cool and pretty. ady looks really nice in ancient costumes, i actually thought it was a new ancient series for her.

    the first purple one looks amazing, very cool. the white outfit makes her look really natural and pure. now come to think of it, she does resemble video game characters in some of her outfits :P

  2. According to Cpop, Ady had to starve for 12 hours to shoot this. :O
    But, I think the end result was very pretty. :)I want to see this game.

  3. turtle88: she does look nice in ancient costumes! Did you see her in the new Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre? Soo coool! Haha, the purple outfit made me think of her as leader of an evil sect for some reason. I like her in the blue outfit the most!

    Meh: Just read the article! wow, 12 hours of no food! that's dangerousss!