March 03, 2010

The Truth Behind Ding Dang's "I Love You" MV

Thanks binmusictaipei!

Just discovered a shocking truth behind that MV at baidu. It is completely different from what I had initially thought. I thought Ding Dang killed her man after she found out the hard way that he was cheating on her and that the police in the beginning of the MV were searching her house because they suspected her. It turns out that her man is actually an undercover! And the girl he bought home was the gang boss' girl! He was going to get close to the gang through this "relationship" but unfortunately he got caught by the gang boss and killed. And when he was dying, he was holding onto a photo of him and Ding Dang! The police came afterward and told Ding Dang his real identity. She broke down in tears.


  1. woah. that's what i thought the MV meant too. they should have explained it more in the MV.
    xiu jie kai. :D

  2. hi. sad video. it's not a bad drama or movie idea...hint...hint! anyhow...can somebody tell me the name of the guy that plays her boyfriend/undercover cop guy? thanks.

  3. xiu jie kai

  4. If you're interested, he was also in Black and White, Mars, Easy Fortune Happy Life, I'm Not Handsome Actually, and Ping Guan's Wo Yi Wei's MV, another hit song of AC~

  5. This is so sad.
    Hope this MV to a drama, n make Xiu Kie Kai - the main lead.. hmm.. am sure it is going to be AWESOME!!