March 08, 2010

Sweet Comes after Sour

Miss me miss me? Hehehe.

As I was studying for my math test, I was also making my first drama video! Here it is! The music is Sam Lee's "Hand's Let Go".

I actually came up with the idea of making this video after stumbling on this song and watching episode 20. Episode 20 left off with Guang Xi giving Mu Cheng the divorce papers and in the context of this song, "his last affection" for her is to give her freedom, to let her go.

In the beginning of my video, Guang Xi is looking through his laptop when he stumbles upon a lost memory. The photo brings back a lot of their memories. The time they met, all the break up and make up they went through, but in the end, he made the painful choice of letting her go.

Good thing, the show did not end like my video, otherwise, I would never watch dramas again. =D

So any comments, questions, or advice for me? Would love to hear some advice!


  1. is this one made for me = =?

  2. sorry, nope. This was made for my drama. My beloved Autumn's Concerto~

  3. Hey Celsius,nice video! I was wondering why did you choose a Chinese song as the background music? My Chinese simply sucks...

  4. awww, it's so sad. glad the drama didn't end that way. :(
    I love how the scenes corresponded with the lyrics. Most MVs these days are a bunch of random scenes with a catchy song, but I really liked your MV. :]

  5. AHH! I know this song!! It matches AC very well~