March 01, 2010

The passionate kiss of Vanness Wu and Ady Ann in Autumn's concert Final Episode

source http://slide.ent.sin...4_703_5404.html
Translated by Whalesg@VIFC
Verona @AF

Idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto” had finally completed its run on 28 February 2010 in a grand finale. After going through so much of obstacles and problems, the couple had finally come together, the prince and princess is living happily ever after. Wu Jian Hao and An Yi Xuan had give it all to kiss passionately in the grand finale.

With the male and female leads being so immersed in their characters, the viewers were overwhelmed though the intimacy level hit the roof for the drama but still there are voices that claimed it is not enough and they requested for the drama to have a sequel to show their after marriage life in the story.


1st NG: Van Ness facial expression wasn't fully expressed yet
2nd NG: They both crack up!
3rd NG: They both crack up again! SHYYYY!!! HAHAHA!
4th NG: Ady is smiling~ (maybe she doesn't want this scene to end too fast~ HAHAHAHAA!)


  1. ahahaha, did you see the longer version of this one? ;D

    it includes xiao le NGs. :3

  2. a sequel? i can't really read chinese. so, can you help to keep updating news if they really plan to have a sequel.. i'm head over heel for this drama.. <3 thx.

  3. Meh: Yepp, saw that. It was good! XL very funny!

    Anonymous: I highly doubt that they'll be a sequel for this...since the producer of this show is leaving the tv company. This is her last show. =(

    But I will try my best to update news~

  4. does Van Ness and Ady dating in real life? coz I notice that they were holding each others hands during Golden Bell Awards (Oct. 2009).. so sweet.. they look so good together... I just wish that they will end up together... :) oh by the way, does van ness and ady are in other relationship right now? what I mean is if they have a girlfriend or boyfriend? just want to know... thanks a lot... :)